My lord, I’m climbing over five steps of organs of action (Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Skin)

Then I’m climbing over five steps of senses (Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting, Touch)

And I’m climbing over six major steps of obstruction (Anger, Arrogance, Lust, Desire, Greed, Competition)

Then I’m climbing over the two steps of mind and ego

My lord thus I’m able to see the effulgent blissful lord in the heart

No coming or going from this abode

This life itself is the climbing to Sabarimala

Eternally present lord in the heart is Ayyappa

May the antaryami, lord always present in the heart of all gracefully and kindly give the divine vision in all to experience the divine presence in heart always



Light and Bright

Risen ever without setting

Yet appear to have rise and set

Just moving apart for moon to shine

Giving light and space for moon and stars

Thank you sun, thank you moon

You both jointly makes the sky and earth beautiful

And we enjoy warmth and coolness here on earth

We all rotate around you along with earth

May you shine ever bright and light in our hearts


Blooming Delight :-)


Image: Kanikonna flowers from our garden 😊

May my thoughts, words and movement bring peace and delight

When I feel irritated, confused, painful, or in any bad mood,

Let me dive in silence and dissolve such in the deep sea of silence

So that it may not bring hurt to another being

I can’t hurt another being without hurting myself as I’m in every being and every being is in me

May I breathe in and breathe out peace and bliss

May we breathe in and breathe out peace and bliss

Refuge I

Mind and imaginations are capable of making me do many different things and add layers and titles on me which are like bubbles 😊

“I” the blissful destination reached through silence is the refuge from which I never have to go anywhere and is always available in silence 😊

It’s the sweetest of nectars writing of which a little only can I share the sweetness, but it’s much more than when I speak out 😊


Always Available

No need to wait in que

No need to wait for days to pass

No need to worry about day and night

No need to think about how to reach

Just trust humbly the eternal presence in heart

Just the thought of godly presence is enough

And the bliss gushes within our heart

For almighty is always available in our hearts 😊🌼🌻

Dear Mind

My dear mind, you need thoughts to be alive

Let it be the thought of dearly loving lord

My dear ego, you need to speak out words of pride

Let it be the chants of sweetest names of lord

Oh my dear colourful mind, thank you for all the beautiful pictures you made

Now it’s time to rest in the heart of loving lord and dissolve in lord

Always in the heart lotus


Almighty lives in our heart lotus

Nearer than all the nearest

Dearer than all the dearest

Ruling the world in us every moment

In this body with nine doors to outside

With the mind dragging towards out,

Just try bringing the focus into the heart

Let’s experience the eternal bliss here

Wherever we go whatever we do

In all moments almighty is here

No need to search for lamps and incenses

No need to look for any particular time

No need to think about purity of body

No need to remember any mantra

To do the worship of our lord,

Let’s use the flowers of surrender

Let’s surrender our ego

Let’s surrender our unending desires

Let’s surrender everything we think as ours

Let’s light the lamp of love and faith

May this lamp shine bright forever

And at a graceful moment soon, let’s dissolve completely into our lord

Like the camphor dissolves in fire

Grass is always greener here :P

Like the body needs food, mind too needs and it’s food are thoughts and imaginations. With the internet use, mind was overfed with all junks πŸ˜‰

Mind played and I followed and mind made me play like monkey and clown. When I slowed down a bit and looked back, I saw what all foolish plays I played following the mind. There are many things to laugh at and wonder at and I said to me “oh my god, is it really me who did it ha ha ha :P” Mind says “yes it is…it is you yourself only who did it, do you wanna try more dearie? it’s all fun”Β  and I say “no no no, enough enough :P”

Mind always love to feel grass is always greener on other side. It just dragged me few times to peep into many things. I jump without looking forward and most times fall into pits, sometimes it hurts sometimes not, sometimes the pain of fall will be there for days and months, but I’m learning little by little grass is always greener here in myself.

Well, I say now it’s all good, nothing to blame at no one to blame at including me it’s all a part of travelling towards the presence in heart overcoming the thought waves slowly and calmly moment by moment. Heart cares the childish tantrums of mind and I’m resting in peace at this moment at this place sitting stable πŸ™‚


Even though sometimes this journey is joyous, sometimes tiring and unknown of next moment, I look into the depth of my heart andΒ feel the presence of my lord here

With the form beyond all forms subtler than touch I feel your love and gentle touch in my heart and I dissolve in the big wave of peace

There is no beginning there is no end there is no middle, from ageless age, my lord, we dance together hand in hand in the sacred space of heart

Seconds minutes hours days months and years pass, this body may travel through earth, water and sky and do various deeds at your will feeling the eternal presence in heart

Golden Smoothie


During evenings, I take mostly fruits, salads or semi-liquid foods. Today, I tried this golden smoothie and it went well. Light for stomach and tasty too 😊

You need:

1/2 cup thick coconut milk

1 ripe banana (2 if using small ones)

1 small piece turmeric root

1 tablespoon honey

1/2 cup water

Method of preparation:

Cut the banana into small pieces. In a blender, pour the coconut milk followed by adding banana pieces, turmeric root, water and honey. Blend well and drink fresh.

Notes: You may add more honey or if the banana is sweet, you can avoid adding honey. Better to use turmeric root, but can replace it with 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder.