Few more words…

Dear ones, few more things I wish to say to those who are genuinely search the absolute truth. Destination is always one only and to reach there, different paths are there. Since people think things differently and have difference in intellect, we have different paths here. No path is superior or inferior. Everyone have the same chance and opportunity to walk one or more of these paths to reach the destination.

If I say destination, that too is wrong in front of the absolute truth. We all are already there and we are that only. It is just an illusion some of us think we have to do something or we have to go to someone to do help us reach the truth. JUST HERE AND NOW, WE ALL ARE THAT. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS OUR VERY BREATH.

It’s absolutely fine if any of you couldn’t experience it right now. Select the path which suits you (if you could sit in deep silence for some, your own heart will tell you which path to take) and keep on searching. And, never ever give up. Happy things will happen and most saddening things will happen, but never give up. Surely, you will soon experience the truth.

Once again, I would like to tell, truth is simple, but very very powerful. Once you start the search, it will take you to destination. Frankly saying, all these paths are not beautiful, not always give you happy and peaceful experiences until you reach the destination. So, only old people and wise teachers say young people to refrain from spirituality until one reach maturity.

Here maturity is not the maturity by age or by body’s external appearance, it is the maturity of mind to face both positives and negatives alike and both success and failure alike. If mind is immature, one will fall in positives only (the so called “positive energy, positive vibes, positive affirmations, law of attraction, use amulets/mantras to ward of negativity, thought of avoiding toxic people, etc). One will feel they are something unique and superior and has to avoid certain places, certain things, certain people etc. Know that it is just the play of Almighty’s illusion to test your mental strength. Whatever comes in front, face it. Physically, it may sometimes harm you. Emotionally, it may hurt you. But, if you persist, you will experience the truth.

Dear young people, be alert be very very alert about whom you share your experiences in the beginning. You will have lots of experience for sure. Those who doesn’t have idea of what is going on or those who are very much materialistic or egoistic, will surely try to deviate you from the path. At those times, sit in silence and your heart will show you what to do. But, you should have the open mind to listen to your heart and trust in your heart. Trust your heart more than any other person, whoever that will be.

Guru, universe, spiritual leaders, pilgrim/religious centers, Ashrams, Yoga retreats with different kinds of yoga – Karma yoga, Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, Raja yoga, Kundaline yoga, Tantric yoga etc, etc. are just stepping stones for you to experience the truth. They are just paths. At one time, you need to leave all these behind and stay as yourself. There is nothing wrong in them, but that too are blocks at one point. For majority, it is most testing or hard phase, but you have to do it. You have to leave everything aside except you. And at last you have to leave you too. When I say you, it is the not the physical body of you. It is the individual whom you think you are (ego, personality – call it any name). Leave the mind-made images of you. The desire to accomplish something. The desire to be approved by others. The desire to make changes in the world. The desire to heal the world. The desire to make world perfect. The desire to become someone whom the world will treat as guru (Be very very alert about this as many young people come to spiritual path to become gurus, teach others, show miracles and become famous in medias). Gurus and spiritual leaders have their own roles to perform. Let they do it. Please do not try to copy them or criticize them. Almighty have plans for each one of us and when we accept it, the journey will become easy and truth will shine like sun in our hearts. Realize, there is nothing to earn here, nothing to lose here. These are all divine games where our only duty is to know who we really are and end the game as soon as possible. We are always that only and we cannot be anything other than that ever πŸ™‚

Sacred Experiences

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Dear all, I would like to share few important points to you who are walking through a spiritual path with little or no materialistic desires.

We all have different types of spiritual experiences and we may be so happy to share this among some people. I too is like that and I used to share my happiness with friends, but over the years, l realized there are some people who are around us with no interest in spirituality and are highly materialistic or blind with psychology. They show interest to hear us sometimes and we share them our experiences without hiding anything. They appear very friendly with us (at least in front of us).

Through loving words, some of them tell us this place is so good, you should visit here OR they say this person is so spiritual or a spiritual guru, you should talk with him/her. Beware, it is a trick. I fell into such tricks few times and after visiting that particular place or talking with that particular person, I used to think “Oh my lord, why should I visit here…why should I talk with this man/woman. Each one has very personal experience and contact with divinity and it is not always a group path.”

These people have different goals to mislead us. Some like to make fun of us, some like to use us as an experimental material (especially in the case of psychologist friends). They will even say us gossips about a particular spiritual group/institution/spiritual guru. In my foolishness, few years back, I blindly believed such a gossip made by one of my trusted friend about a famous spiritual centre which I highly desired to visit. Since this person gave me a very bad image, I avoided visiting that place, but it remained as a pain in my heart.

Later, through few friends, I came to know this place is a highly spiritual place and no such bad thing happen there. I was shocked to realize how could my friend tell me such a big gossip to me about this divine place. That person even shares gossips about other spiritual places and gurus too. After this particular incident, I realized I should never blindly believe someone without enquiring about a place/group/guru on my own through different sources. I was so cautious about sharing my experiences with this particular person.

From my experience, what I would like to say is “Believe your heart. Believe your intuition more than believing someone whoever that is, because divine experiences and inner call to a place or a guru is from a sacred source directly to you. Other person has no idea of what it is. He or she has seen only a small part of you with the short time spend with you and through the ideas they get from other people who knows you. What you experience is your own experience and only those who had such experiences only can understand it. So, be careful with whom you share such experiences with.”

One another thing I would like to say is about “spiritual partner.” At different times, people came to me saying they are my spiritual partners. I am friendly with people, but not interested in any sort of “Spiritual Partnership.” If a person at any time come to me as a spiritual partner, I too will feel it within me strongly. It is absolutely not a one-sided attraction. If you are a young woman or young man, be very very cautious about it. It is the play of mind. If you are not vigilant, you may sometimes fell in other person’s words. If you face such a situation any time, never say anything in hurry. Just wait and observe what your heart feels in the presence of that particular person, observe how your mind feels when you talk with the person and few hours after talking with that person. If it is a true partner, your heart will make you understand it. Otherwise, it will show you signs that it is a mind play of other person. Most times if we observe, these people are attracted towards the our body and will say things only to make us believe they too traveling in the same path. Sometimes, it will take you much time to understand and sometimes you will understand it very soon depending upon whether you trust your gut feelings. If you are soft-hearted person, trust me, other person will play lots of tricks on you to make you believe their words. Don’t worry in such situations when you feel like you are confused. Your prayers, meditation, and introspection will help you in such situations. Take a break, go into deep silence, and listen to your heart. You will surely get the answer.

If you are doing some powerful pranayamas (Nadishodan with 16 or 32 seconds holding, Kapalbhati, Brahmari with Yoni mudra, Bandas), chanting of certain mantras, chakra meditation, Kundali meditation, please please first ask yourself are you ready to be celebate for a while (at least 41 days) while you practice the above powerful yogic sadhanas. Lots of inner changes happen with us during the powerful practices and things which are deeply hidden with us or suppressed by us come out with all its might. Only if you are celebate, your energy will be pure and you will be able to observe these changes within you and will be able to redirect it with divine grace. Else, lots of distractions like intense physical attraction towards another person, increased pride/ego, attraction towards magical powers (siddis) occur. Kindly recognize these feelings as distractions in your path and also a sure sign that you are progressing in your practices. If you follow these distractions forgetting your goal, it will take long years for you to reach your goal. Sometimes, it will become too late in life too.

Energy moves from Mooladhara (root) through Swadhistana (genital), Manipuraka (naval), Anaahatha (heart), Vishudhi (throat), Aajna (middle of two eyebrows and reaches Sahasrara (top of head). Depending upon activation of each chakra, you will have different experiences. Just stay as witness to these experiences, continue your sadhana with pure heart and strong mind. Try not to fall into outside attractions of any kind. If you are practicing celibacy, your mind will be powerful to overcome these distractions. If you cannot practice celibacy for at least 41 days while you do the above practices, kindly not do it. It will harm you.

Also, learn these above practices only from a learnt person and not from YouTube, books, or from your friends. Now, everything is available in internet and anyone can access anything. Try to understand, everything is not for everyone and everything is not good for everyone. Spirituality doesn’t have shortcuts. Also keep in mind, walking in spiritual path is not a smooth journey. Many a time, you feel like you are in the middle of fire and no one there to help you. Never worry or give up at such times, continue your practice with focus and ask divine help. You will surely overcome all sorts of tests and become strong in heart and will experience bliss.

May the Almighty who is always residing in our hearts lead us forward in our chosen paths.

Brahmam Okate πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ’–

Dear ones,

In this auspicious day of Uthana Ekadashi/Guruvayoor Ekadashi/Vrichika Ekadashi, I am sharing a beautiful song written by dearest Annamacharya. This is sung by two blessed children Sooryagayathri and Rahul Vellal. It is in Telgu language and subtitles are given under the song. For the ease of reading and further understanding, I am writing a short explanation of the meaning of this song.

In many parts of our country, India, still there is discrimination among people in the name of caste and religion. Let this divine song open the hearts of all to love all living beings equally.

Om Namo Narayanaya πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ™

Courtesy: Vande Guru Paramparaam – YouTube

Brahmamokate Para Brahmamokate Brahmamokate Para Brahmamokate

Brahmam (soul) is one, the absolute Brahmam is one, only one.

Kanduvagu Hinadhikamu Lindulevu Andariki Shri Hari Antaratma
Indulo Jantukulamu Inta Okate Andariki Shri Hari Antaratma

There are no differences like low and high. The indwelling soul in every being is “Srihari” (another name of Lord Vishnu). All the beings in creation here are one because the indwelling soul is one only and “Srihari” is that indwelling soul.

Nindara Raju Nidrincu Nidrayunokate Andane Bantu Nidranadiyunokate
Mendaina Brahmanudu Mettu Bhoomi Okate Chandalundeti Sari Bhoomi Okate

The sleep of the king is same as the sleep of an ordinary servant. The earth (land) where a noble Brahmin lives is same as the earth where a Chandala (lower caste person) lives.

Kadagiyenugu Mida Kaayuyendokate Pudami Suanakamu Mida Polayuyendokate
Kadu Punyalanu Paapakarmulanu Sarigaava Jaadiyu Shri Venkateshvarunaamamokate

Sun shines equally on an elephant and on a street dog. For those who does virtuous deeds and those who does sinful deeds, the only saviour is the sacred name of Shri Venkateshwara (describing the importance of chanting Lord’s sacred names).

This divinely beautiful song explains the Vedanata Satyam (Philosophical truth) “Sarvam Brahmamayam” – Everything is Brahmam

May we always experience Brahmam in everything and everywhere….

Om Namo Narayanaya πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ™

Mask 😷

Living in society, many wear masks and are rarely real
While I talk and show things as real,
I got hurt many a time
Got advices I have to follow the society,
And I have to wear the mask in public
I refused and continued real
Now, corona virus made me wear the mask
So, I go out rarely for I hate mask more than corona virus πŸ˜‚πŸ˜›

Oh dear…

Being with me as me

Yet, for the sake of speaking,

I say “I” and “You”

“I” seems like doing and experiencing everything

Whereas “You” seems in blissful stillness

Watching all the drama without getting involved

“I” playing different roles gets exhausted,

Yet, due to divine will can’t stop the drama

Drama goes on and on

Exhaustions goes on and on

Embodiment of love, “You” stays untouched

Grace working, exhaustions grows

Unbearable confusions, uncontrollable emotions

Purging happens

Everything deep comes out

“I” loses all grips

Nothing to depend on

No one to save

“I” weakens

“I” fell into lap of “You”

“You” embraced “I”

Now there is…….

Sunshine again :)

A Ray of Sunlight: The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you dear Miriam for nominating me for Sunshine Blogger Award πŸ€—β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

Miriam has a beautiful blog where she writes about divine things. It is in German language and you can use Google Translate to read it if you don’t know German. You may check her blog: https://marismeisterdersanftendominanz.wordpress.com/home/

Miriam’s questions for me:

  1. What do you enjoy?

Silence, nature, water, children, cartoons πŸ™‚

2. How do you deal with fears – your own and those of those around you?

I chant mantras and sometimes give the same to people who believes in it to deal fears.

3. Whom or what is your greatest allegiance to?

My “self.”

4. What does the word grace mean to you?

No words are enough to describe grace. In simple words, grace is the unlimited divine love and care I experience wherever I am through all beings.

5. What is good for you when you feel down?

Being in solitude and silence.

6. If you have to cry in the presence of another person, what reaction do you want them to do?

Just allow me to cry and listen to what I have to say without judgment.

7. Which three books would you take with you to a desert island?

Yoga Vasishta, Ribhu Gita, and Srimad Bhagavatham. They were filled with wisdom and beautiful divine stories.

8. What gives you a feeling of security when you are alone?

The strong realization that I am immovable soul which is eternally pure, effulgent, and not bound and what all I see, hear, and feel are divine plays.

9. What do you want to open yourself to (even) more now and in the near future?

People of different cultures and religions.

10. What in you especially needs your love and how can you convey it to yourself?

Sometimes, I get stressed out when I am in the middle of lots of work, with groups of people, etc., and at that time, I need to love myself more and be gentle with me to slow myself down. I practice mindfulness and Qigong exercises to bring equilibrium.

11. What makes life worth living for you?

Even though I had gone through some sufferings in earlier life and made me emotionally vulnerable and reactive to certain things, I feel those sufferings opened a way to understand the divineness in myself and everything around and there are reasons behind all sufferings. It also helps me to empathize with the sufferings other people go through and give them emotional support. When I see someone breathe with a relief or smile because of me, I feel my life worthy.

A Small Talk About Tea and Coffee

More than a “Tea Lover and Coffee Lover,” I am a foodie with Microbiology background and 14 years of experience in Healthcare. Both of this groomed me to look into the minute level of each matter and also taught me how important is quality of a product and the need to make a product following ethics. Tea is a stimulant drink with caffeine and antioxidants. Coffee and Tea are entirely different stimulant drinks with unique taste, aroma, caffeine content, and energy which it give you after you drink it. While coffee give you an instant energy spurt, tea acts in your system slowly, yet steadily. Taste-wise, both are unique. I enjoy double shot espresso without sugar and subtle white tea. They are two extremes in taste, appearance, aroma, and energy.

One of my friend yesterday told me to write about tea. I like to say things frankly in front of everyone and I don’t care you agree with me or not. Black teas contain an average of 37 mg of caffeine, while some matcha teas contain close to 130 mg of caffeine whereas brewed coffee contain about 96 mg caffeine. Antioxidant content of tea also varies. White tea has more antioxidant content owing to its least processing where as black tea (CTC) contains less antioxidants. Those infusions with herbs or flower or fruits only and no Camellia sinensis (Scientific name of Tea) are called Tisanes and they are not real teas. According to the herb/flower/fruit used, antioxidant content, taste, and health benefits differ. Black, green, white, oolong, pu’erh teas are made from the same plant, yet their unique flavor are due to differences in how the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant are processed.

Drinking tea helps to improve immunity, improve metabolism, boost weight loss, diabetes, cancer, etc. Coffee too gives you the same benefit. Both are safe drinks to drink on a daily basis, but the number of cups you take and the time you take is very important. If you have sleep problem, better to avoid both tea and coffee after 6 pm. You can drink decaf tea/coffee after 6 pm or Tisanes like Chamomile, Butterfly pea flower, Rooibos etc. The next important thing is having tea/coffee along with your breakfast/lunch/snack affects calcium and iron absorption. If you are a vegan/vegetarian, you should take good care of the time you drink these beverages. Refer yourself to find this. Also it is medically advisable not to drink more than 5 cups of tea and coffee a day. The next important thing to tell you is try drinking real tea (Orthodox or CTC) and not the tea in teabag except those who sell good quality tea in tea bags. You may ask the help of a tea taster to know which all tea companies are selling quality teas in teabags. After all, it’s your money, it’s your health. So, spend some time over selecting the drink you drink daily. Take care….

A NO is always NO

Before writing this, I thought multiple times, but I felt to write this. This is about a boy. I am not saying his name here. He liked my blog posts and I liked his blog posts back too and he contacted me and told me to collaborate for a poem and I wrote it. It was a romantic poem. Later he tried to become friends with me and emailed me and we started connecting through emails. Within a few days, I found few things inappropriate and I told him I am much older than him and tried to tell things calmly and in decent tone. Though he changed his way of mails, he still was creepy and I put his email as spam. Again, after few months, he is back and again mailed me to give him my Whatsapp number without any excuse. I felt it highly inappropriate. Why can’t people understand if someone is not interested to communicate with you to stay away from them? Respect other people’s space and privacy


I am in the innocents

I am in the cruels

I am in light

I am in dark

I am in silence

I am in hyperactivity

In society, I AM in all,

Yet, few choose the “I AM” beyond qualities

And remain as “I AM”

Till then, as I have mind and body consciousness,

I will react in human ways with motive of highest good

My reaction is like Jesus who got angry with unjustful merchants

My action is like Krishna who told Arjuna to fight for righteousness against his own relatives and teacher

Whatever it is, I AM is unaffected always

The mind and body playing a drama according to divine will

Few more things to say

At the end of night and beginning of new day, I would like to say few more words as a continuation of my previous post after discussing with friends in wordpress and other friends.

Our morals, our spirituality, our knowledge have to support the righteousness and should never never support crime. Punishment is not an evil. Haven’t we got punished as children by our parents and teachers. It is for correcting us, not with the motive to hurt us. When we view punishments from that point, it’s a method of correction and prevention of further crime. Like few of you suggested raising human consciousness is needed, true. I humbly suggest every method should be used to stop and prevent crime. Our spiritual/non-violent methods should never directly or indirectly support crime. We are not condemning a person out of revenge here. We are trying to stop and prevent the crime…

In certain cases, non-violence and counseling only doesn’t work. Such methods work for persons who feel remorseful about what he/she had done. For those who do cruel crimes, strong punishments should be given according to the level of cruelty they had done. Try to realize you can’t never change a Wolf to a rabbit (animal nature to pure satvic nature). We can wish everyone to be enlightened, pure, but we can’t expect. It’s all personal and unique. Even if we provide everything, only with personal effort, one can change.