Illusions by Mind

Positive energy and negative energy are just illusions created by the mind. Relaxing and focusing within and feeling the energy oneself, negativity and positivity will disappear. Just be gentle, don’t push hard, accept the irritation felt in body and breath when facing a difficult situation, person, or places. No need to resist, just watch, experience it and turn attention within the heart slowly, slowly, gently with deep mindful breathing. That particular difficulty is a beautiful opportunity to experience the self, use it wisely. Bath in the blissful water of self. Bathe in the effulgence of self. Enjoy the bliss. It is here in the heart, it’s experienced in this moment. It’s the source of all energies. It’s the light of all lights. It’s me, it’s you. We all are it, it only….. feel it, enjoy it, be it dear ones 😊

Enjoy the soulful music….


Heaven in Heart

Lord has arranged everything for us

Just slow the pace and focus on the moment

Heaven is here in solitude

Among the crowd, solitude can be felt if searched within

No need to go out to find the bliss

Going out, searching, finding, and getting attached,

Then missing, getting sad if lost all are play of mind

Dear intellect, befriend the mind, show it the heaven within

With a friendly mind, it’s simpler than simplest

For when mind dissolves in heart, bliss is experienced

Wishing blissful moments always my dears 😊

Sri Gurubhyo Namaha

Lord Dakshinamoorthi – Lord Siva’s form of knowledge giver

Hearty salutations to my dearest guru,

Who is guiding me all through life

Residing and always guiding from the heart

Present in, present out, up and down and around

While I live in the illusive world created by this great magician,

Lord guides to walk through the illusion

In that light, everything shines

Thankfully heart chants om namah shivaya 😊

Nature’s Child 😊

I’m a little girl most times

And I love sitting on the lap of nature,

Enjoying and wondering about her works

Tea is new wonder, she welcomed me into

Niligiris, Assam, Darjeeling, Sri Lankan,

Indonesian, Kenyan, Malawi

I tasted them with wondrous joy

Mother nature’s magic in each tea leaves

With altitudes, seasons, soil and plant type,

She creates the magic in each teas

She plays with palette of colours and,

Chemical compounds in each leaf

And I experience her magic on my palate

Sitting on her lap, like a little girl,

I enjoy her magic show on tea leaves

My Joyous meeting with White Tea

White tea with Wild rose petals – White Tea from Sancha Tea Boutique

Like a fresh dew drop from rose petal,

It touched my tongue

Tender aroma of white tea linked with rose,

Danced on my palate

I absorbed the calmness of tender tea buds

My senses now are fresh as the rose

Nectar of Lord’s Love

Drinking the sweet nectar of bliss I am,

On remembering and mentally chanting thou name my lord

Feeling the secure embrace and warmth from within

In my lord’s love, I am dissolving to realise there is no me left

Om namo narayanaya πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β€

Invisible hand of Love

Wherever I’m, lord is surrounding me

My beloved never ever leave me alone

Whenever I feel what next,

Lord’s caring hand appear in one form or another

No words are enough to thank the beloved,

Who is always in the hearts of all 😊

Tea Poem 😊

I’m studying tea tasting and a short poem born in my mind 😊

Image source: Google images

I start the day with Earl grey
It keeps me energetic for the day
In the mid-day, I may sip green tea
It improves my metabolism
And keep me focused calmly
In the evening, green tea with rose and mint I drink
It soothes me and helps me with metabolism
At night, chammomile is my bedtime drink
It works gently to welcome sleep

Learning the magic of tea with the mind of an Alchemist 😊

Surrounded by Blessings

Dwelling in the heart of every being

Lord is blessing us each moment

Diversity is just an illusion

Look beyond the form silently

See and experience the bliss

Everything acts in divine will

Focusing on lord in everything,

Minutes, hours, and days will pass

And, godly soul remains blemishes, blissful, effulgent

We are all one and always surrounded by blessings dear ones 😊

Unshakable Love

Dearest Pat Cegan’s beautiful poem of God’s love. Thank you dear Pat πŸ™‚

Source of Inspiration

β€œI lost everything”
no matter what
the disaster
we still have God’s love
things can be replaced
or, if not, we can learn to
live without them

There is nothing
that separates us
from God’s love
except our own
turning away
even then He is
patiently walking for our return

God’s love is true
God is love

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