Make some time and cultivate fruits and vegetables “at least” for your family OR just put fruits and vegetables in a bowlful of water with mixture of turmeric, salt, vinegar or tamarind pulp for 30 minutes, wash again in clean water and use it..Also, try using vegetables and fruits which you get locally with less pesticides..I am scribbling this down because whenever I say my friends and yoga students about including more fruits and vegetables in their diet, they say vegetables and fruits are full of pesticides. And it is sad to say these people feel it is okay to drink all the bottled carbonated drinks and eat packaged foods with all chemical additives, preservatives, high sodium and sugars, MSG, etc. Please Please Please realize YOUR HEALTH IS IN YOUR HANDS, BE SELF RESPONSIBLE. LOVE AND CARE YOURSELF, THEN YOUR FAMILY, THEN SOCIETY, THEN STATE, THEN NATION, THEN WORLD.

Food is medicine


The World Health Organization warns that a sedentary lifestyle increases your risk for cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and certain cancers. Many new age life style diseases are the results of sedentary life without any physical activity. Long hours of work, especially a job which makes you stick on the chair continuously and taking high calorie foods to satisfy tastebuds and hunger at odd times leads to many health problems in long term. Age is not a bar for the occurrances of many diseases now a days. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, fatty liver, infertility, ovarian diseases, etc. are very common in young adults. There is a range of physical activities like yoga, walking, jogging, cycling, exercising in gym, pilates, dancing, etc. and also there are exercises for specific parts of body. Be aware of the benefits these physical activities offer you. Spend at least 20 minutes each day 5 days a week and become a healthier you. Just 20 minutes a day doing any form of exercise may save you lots of money and time which you otherwise have to spend on medications and treatment. Love yourself. Care yourself. Have a great day.

Risks of Sitting too long