Sathyam (Truth)

Even I learned the following two slokas during my childhood, I felt it very relevant in today’s world. I felt it worthy to share these slokas about Sathyam

(Truth) with you all to improve our day to day communication for the good and safety of us and all.

Sloka 1:
Sathyam Bruyath
Priyam Bruyath
Na Bruyath Sathyamapriyam
Priyamcha Nanrutam Bruyat
Esha Dharma: Sanatana:


We should speak truth. We should speak in pleasant manner. We should not speak unpleasant truth. We should not speak untruth which is pleasant. This is righteousness according to Sanathana Dharma.


We may be taught by parents, elders, and teachers to speak truth. Along with that, we should understand we should speak the truth in a loving way so that we are not hurting the feelings of others. We should speak tactfully according to the situation. In certain situations in order to avoid fights and unnecessary sensationalism, we can hide the truth even if we can’t deny the truth. In such situations, silence is better if we cannot speak tactfully about a truth. We should not speak lie for our gain or to make someone else happy. Sanathana Dharma explains this as righteousness.

Sloka 2:
Anudvegakaram Vakyam
Sathyam Priyahitam Chayath
Svadhyayabhyasanam Chaiva
Vangmayam Tapa Uchyathe
– Bhagavath Geetha


Speaking words truthfully, lovingly, politely, beneficially, without agitating others and reciting Vedic literature routinely is known as austerity of speech (vachika tapasu).


Words are powerful than any weapons in the whole universe. We can use the words and practice austerity of speech by speaking words that are truthful, pleasing, beneficial, and not agitating to others and also by daily reciting Vedic literature (scriptures). Whatever we speak, it should be nice, honest and not agitate the minds of others. By reading vedic literature, which are the treasure houses of knowledge, we will get ideas about how to speak well in society. We will get scriptural authority to back up what we are saying. Thus, we can bring highest benefit to the society including us.

Thus, according to our ancient Indian texts of Manusmrithi and Bhagavath Geetha, we can speak the truth in the above manner for the benefit of us and others. By this way, we can purify our hearts off the negative thoughts and remove the stress and tension in our lives.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu