Gift Of Keralites – Coconut Tree

Who among you know where the name “Kerala” came from?

Kerala got its name from the coconut tree, which is called “Keravriksham” in Malayalam. Coconut tree is also called “Kalpavriksham” meaning a magical tree which can provide innumerous benefits to all. Let us see what are these innumerous benefits.

Coconut tree’s wood can be used to make furnitures, firewood, used as a building material, etc. Coconut leaves can be used to thatch roofs, used to make toys for kids. The middle tender rib of the coconut leaves can be used to make broom, can be used to make leave vessels, natural tongue cleaner, natural toothpick, natural skewer for cooking purpose, making crafts, etc. The flowers of coconut tree are used to make medicines in Ayurveda like thenginpookkula rasayanam (a herbal postnatal care tonic), beatiful crafts, etc. A type of sweet natural alcohol is also taken from healthy coconut fruit buds. Now comes the
important part of coconut tree, “coconut.” Coconut is a fruit, nut, vegetable, oil seed, unavoidable part of hindu rituals, and also an unavoidable ingredient of south indian, especially Kerala cuisine.

Coconut can be used to make various tasty treats. Tender coconut water is a very natural energy drink rich in electrolytes and micronutrients. It is a natural coolant too. The flesh of tender coconut is very tasty and can be ate as such or can be used to make puddings, icecreams, rice hoppers, etc. Coconut milk can be used by lactose-intolerant people instead of cow’s milk. It can be used in various food preparations and in beauty regimens. It is one of the vegan milk used by vegans. Coconut oil made from boiling coconut milk is called virgin coconut oil and it is very much rich with lauric acid second to breast milk. Virgin coconut oil has uncountable uses, which I will share with you in another post soon. The outer hard shell of coconut is used to make crafts, used
to make fire, used to make a Kerala dish called “chiratta puttu,” etc. The coconut husk is used to make coir, a natural fiber; used along with soil for organic farming; used to make different crafts, etc.

Being the giver of all these benefits, coconut tree is absolutely worthy of its name “Kalpavriksham,” the magical tree.

How Yoga Benefits Your Kiddo

Hey parents, let us talk about some benefits yoga brings to your kid. As lives are getting faster and more technology oriented, it affects our kids too. Outside games are less while they are more attracted towards video games and online games and to social medias. When our lifestyle changes, it affects our kids too. Many kids are getting hyperactive and more congenital deformities and neurological disorders are reporting now like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, etc.

Juvenile diabetes, obesity, early puberty are also running high in our population. Let us see how yoga can bring a change in such a scenario.

Yoga helps the kids feel calm and peaceful. Since Yoga is a “mind body” exercise method, it has proven to benefit kids with better concentration, improved mental clarity, physical strength and flexibility and better coordination. It helps in brain development and thus is a powerful tool for learning. While we teach children yoga, we can make it enjoyable with games. These games encourage teamwork and social interaction among them. They will learn positive attitude
through enjoyment.

Yoga assists in neuromuscular-development and motor development on both sides of the body. It improves posture and alignment and helps in developing core strength and correct physical alignment. Yoga reduces injuries and improves performance, improves digestion, and circulation. Since kids are more attracted towards high-calorie bakery foods which are made of white flour, meat, and high in salt, sugar, and fat, while very low in fiber, many are facing constipation. Since yoga increases the metabolism and improves digestion, it eliminates constipation. It also strengthens their immune system, relaxes the
body, and promotes better sleep. For hyperactive children, yoga helps to improves their ability to be less reactive, makes them more mindful of thoughts, words, and actions.

Yoga helps to build confidence and self-esteem. It supports character development and emotional intelligence. It helps to develop discipline and self-control in kids. Yoga gives the kids confidence to express themselves well. It develops social and environmental awareness and responsibility among kids and they will have a sense of universal connectedness. It helps them to respect themselves and others. Mindfulness and simple meditations in yoga helps the children
to see the beauty and light within themselves, thereby it boosts their self-confidence and allows them to feel more comfortable with their bodies. It helps them get in touch with who they are inside. When a child learns yoga from earlier childhood, they develop mindfulness and relaxation for a lifetime and it brings them health and wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

Then, why you wait, let us join together and have a wonderful yoga session. May our children be happy, healthy and peaceful always.