Learned From Summer



Hope this intense summertime has taught us few lessons. Many waterbodies and farms dried up, humans and animals died, many got sunburns and heat-related diseases. Yet, a majority who had enough money and facilities to overcome

the intense heat survived by taking safety measures, well-hydrating themselves, staying away from heat in the comfort of home/offices, cooling themselves with fan/ac/cooling drinks and foods etc. Sadest thing is that farmers who survive on nature for their living, poor and weak people got affected the most. We should’nt think the comforts which we have now will always protect us from natural disasters. No man-made facilities proven powerful in the face of intense natural calamities….psunamies, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes namingly few are strongest reactions of nature to the exploitations we make on nature.

Let us think about the survival of living beings as a whole, not about only me or you because if I survive for many years and you are not there, what is the meaning of survival. We need each other whether we are humans, animals, birds, reptiles, flies, plants, trees, rivers or anything. Let us be proactive by planting and protecting plants or trees, make soil available around your houses rather than concreting your surroundings thereby allowing water to sink down to earth, not throwing wastes and plastics on waterbodies, cleaning and protecting waterbodies, making
enviornment-friendly building with less cutting of trees, minimal and wise use of natural resources and electricity, minimize pollution and heat by lessening the use of carbon monoxide emitting vehicles and use more of private and public transportation, and most importantly spent some time in nature at least a day in a week to understand the ways of nature. Let us protect nature and save ourselves.

May all beings be happy, healthy and peaceful…