Navavida Bhakthi/Nine Forms of Devotion

white lotus with golden eye

According to scriptures Ramayana, Srimad Bhagavatha, Bhagavath Geetha, etc., there are 9 categories of devotion.  A devotee is always free to choose any path which he/she feels comfortable with.  No one category is superior or inferior to other.  These 9 categories of devotion (bhakti) are called Navavida Bhakthi:
1. SHRAVANA:  Listening to mantra chants, reading of various scriptures, etc. by another person or through medias.
2. KEERTHANA:  Singing devotional songs, bhajans, chanting, etc.
3. SMARANA:  Constantly remembering and meditating upon Lord’s name and form.
4. PAADASEVANA:  Doing selfless services to all seeing divinity in every beings.
5. ARCHANA:  Worshiping the Lord through rituals like pooja, homa, etc.
6. VANDANA:  Prostrating before the image or idol of Lord.
7. DASYA:  Seeing onself as the servent of Lord and respecting Lord’s will without one’s ego.
8. SAKHYA:   Seeing Lord as best friend.
9. AATHMANIVEDANA:   Complete self surrendering to Lord.