Athmaiva hyathmano bandhur
-Bhagavathgeetha 6.5

MEANING:  Mind should be taught to inspire one to think of higher thoughts about the self and not to degrade the self. The mind is one’s friend and foe too.

INTERPRETATION:  This is the 5th sloka in Chapter 6 of Bhagavathgeetha. This sloka says about the importance of self-esteem. It lead us to understand that none other than our own mind is our friend and enemy. One should not lose respect of the self and degrade the self. Whoever may put one down – may it be parent, spouse, sibling, teacher, best friend, but do not allow one’s own mind to put oneself down. The mind should support one’s self to raise up to higher level. The self-degrading thoughts and self-hurting thoughts are the real powerful enemies than enemies outside.  So, teach the mind to think of good thoughts about oneself.  Let the mind be one’s best friend.