Vidya Dhanam Sarva Dhanath Pradhanam


“Na chora haryam na cha raja haryam
Na bhratu bhajyam na cha bharakari
Vyaye krute vardhatha eva nityaam
Vidya dhanam sarva dhanath pradhanam”

Thief cannot steal it. No higher authority can abduct it. It is not divided between siblings. It is not heavy to carry. When you spend or share it, it always increases. Knowledge is the best and important wealth among all wealths.

“Vidya dadathi vinayam
Vinayam dadathi paatrathaam
Paatrathva dhanamaapnothi
Dhanaath dharmam tatatsukham”

Knowledge gives you humility. Humility gives you character. From character, wealth is earned. From wealth, you get righteousness. In righteousness, you feel well being.

Happy Vijayadashami dear all. Acquire knowledge. There is no age limit for acquiring knowledge. One can learn anything at any age. By applying the knowledge and sharing it with others, the knowledge improves and increases. It is the only wealth which increases as we spend and share among others. Knowledge gives one humility. Through humility, one achieves builds character. Intelligent character helps one achieve the monetary wealth. The wealth earned ethically builds righteousness and through righteousness, one can enjoy well-being.