Realization of Ananda


Yogarato Vaa Bhogarato Vaa
Sangarato Vaa Sangaviheenah
Yasya Brahmani Ramate Chittam
Nandati Nandati Nandatyeva

Meaning:  One may enjoy Yoga (spiritual life) or Bhoga (material life), one may enjoy the company of people or enjoy solitude, but the one whose mind completely absorbed in the bliss of Brahman alone enjoys Ananda (eternal happiness).

Interpretation:  This is one of the meaningful sloka of Bhajagovindam by Sri Shankaracharya. This sloka says about Ananda (eternal happiness) and who enjoys
Ananda and how can one get Ananda. Pleasure is a state of mind. The pleasure derived from sensual enjoyments is transient, but without knowing the transient
nature, many people blindly run towards such enjoyments one followed by other. Until one understands the truth that everything is Brahman including the self
(Sarvam Brahmamayam), the running towards sensual enjoyment continues. This run will bind one to different tiresome deeds which are unending. Realization of
Brahman and complete absorption into Brahman is the only way to eternal happiness. After realizing Brahman, one enjoys the absolute freedom and joy. After
that, one can enjoy Yoga (spiritual life) or Bhoga (material life), one can enjoy being in a group of people or enjoy the solitude, but he will be always
free from the bondage. Such a person will be Jeevanmukta (one who is liberated with an inner sense of freedom while living). He/she will enjoy the precious
eternal happiness within and realize the pleasures outside is just the reflection of pleasure within. Such a person won’t be affected by rise or fall,
temptations, sorrows, pleasures, pains, diseases, births or deaths. This truth is supported by a verse in Mundaka Upanishad, “Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavathi –
the knower of Brahman becomes Brahman.”

May all beings enjoy eternal bliss 🙂