Closing inner eyes and opening outer eyes
I watched the Universe –
Born with acquired hereditary learnings,
Learnings from grandma, parents and near-ones in childhood
And later from teachers, friends and society –
Here I saw a mixture of incidences
Categorized them good, bad, joy, sorrow, suffering, bliss and so on
I the fool felt imperfections in Universe
Complained about this and that, involved to correct
But got hurt most of the time, fell down and crawled
Ever compassionate one, the absolute, Lord –
Picked me up, healed the wounds and I started walking again
Still being fool, I fell down again in trenches
Through different forms, the ever compassionate one
Picked me up, started teaching me –
To open inner eyes and watch what is going on inside.
With compassion and grace showering on me,
I realized lord is perfect in creation
Imperfect is my foolish ignorance mixed with ego,
Universe is always in perfect rhythm.
May the truth establish firmly, until then –
Each time when I see or feel imperfection,
I may observe compassionately within myself,
And remind myself of the truth.