As bathing in water removes grime on the body, bathing in the water of soul removes grime of the mind. Through thorough observation of oneself and conversing with self, one can come in contact with the soul (inner self) which is beyond the body, senses, mind, and intellect. Though it is with mind, one observes and with intellect, one recognizes the thoughts which is the form of mind, the real place of one’s self is soul and nothing else. Until the self establishes in self strongly and mind continues to see differences such as good and bad, comfortable and uncomfortable and dualities of so forth, bathing in the water of soul cleanse the mind. With mindful cleansing, mindlessness can be achieved and one clearly comes in contact with the self which is ever liberated, all pervading, ever pure, shining on its own. Continuous practice of this assures establishing one strongly in self.

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