Thiruvannamalai  – Divine abode of Lord in the form of a big hill, who can be seen from anywhere in this place. I haven’t visited many places till this age and amongst them and the ones I haven’t visited, I feel this is the most magical place in earth. Smaranth Arunachalam – If one just remember the name Arunachala with whole heart, he will call you and ensure liberation. Arunachala, the greatest divine wizard will attract you whoever you are – yogi or bhogi – he will give whatever you want here itself. Hez the parabhrahma, due to his mercy and love, he appears before us in name and form as Arunachala. For the wise ones, hez the one without a second, he is me, I’m he – Soham – Aham brahmasmi. Here in Thiruvannamalai now, my heart is reciting this verse from Bhajagovindam 


“Yogarothova bhogarathova

Sangarathova sanga viheenaha

Yasya brahmani ramathechittam

Nandathi nanthathi nanthathyeva”


May one be a yogi or bhogi

May one be in a group or solo

One whose mind is united in Brahman

Only that one will be joyfully joyful.

Arunachala Siva

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