On the Bank of Tunga

Tunga called me and I just followed her watery cool voice. She is really blessed with rich flora and fauna.


Samskruta Bhavana at BB Street, Shimoga – the real Sanskrit lovers home.


Classroom at Mathur village, teaching Bhagavath Geetha, Vedas, Upanishads, Temple rituals, Samskruta vyakarana, etc. in the traditional way.


Friends from Sharadavilasam School, Mathur.


Koodli Sangama – Meeting place of Tunga and Bhadra rivers – divine beauty.


Sringeri Sharadapeedam


Beautiful Vidyasankara Temple


Sivalinga and Nandikesvara at the bank of Tunga, Sringeri


See you another day dearest Tunga 🙂

VP Mix and LHTW ;-)

Hi dear all 🙂

As a part of travelling, learning Sanskrit, understanding different cultures, I’m in Shimoga district of Karnataka. Since I’m living in a small village here, there are no good restaurants nearby. Already reading about the difficulty of getting good water and food here and also with my sensitive digestive system, I have bought electric kettle, sugar, salt,
coffee/green tea packets, spoon, knife, cups, peanuts, tiffin boxes with me. With readily and cheaply available veggies and beaten rice (poha/avalakki) here, today I discovered 2 recipes – VP Mix aka Veggie Poha Mix and LHTW aka Lemon Honey Tulsi juice for filling my hungry tummy in morning. The Veggie Poha Mix can be taken as Breakfast/Lunch/Supper/Snack.


Veggie Poha Mix
Things needed:
Beaten rice – 2 cups
Carrots – 2 small
Onion – 3/4
Green chilly – 1/2
Cucumber – 1/2
Coriander leaves – 1 tablespoon
Peanuts – 1 handful
Salt – as required for taste
Lemon juice – as required for taste

Preparation Method: Put 2 cups beaten rice in a tiffin box, add little hot water to soften the beaten rice. Then add finely chopped carrots, cucumber, green chilly,
peanuts, salt, lemon juice. Mix well everything together with a spoon. Hey, VP Mix ready 😉 Eat as Breakfast/Lunch/Supper/Snack. Healthy, tasty and easy to make
wherever you are.

Things needed:
Water – 1 cup
Tulsi – 4 leaves
Honey – 2 tablespoons
Lemon – 1

Preparation Method: Boil 1 cup water in electric kettle with Tulsi leaves. Transfer it to a glass, allow it to cool for some time. Cut the lemon and make juice out of
it and add to water. Add 2 tablespoons honey to it. Mix well. LHTW is ready. Good for cold, cough, chest infection, etc.