It is wise in most times to look at the content of information (knowledge) rather than the source of the knowledge because source is an illusion whereas knowledge is not. Because there are chances for one to lose attention on the physical form, age, gender or past/future life of the individual teacher. And most importantly the greatest mistake one may make is forgetting the self experiences and inner voice and giving importance to the experiences and words of others, especially those who are older to one or those who are in a superior material position (eg. Teachers, Parents, Superior officers, Politicians, Ochre/white-dressed human forms, etc). Knowledge is beyond age, gender, time and cannot be fully described through words. Knowledge is an experience which makes one free from the ignorance that one is bound to body, mind, intellect and ego or the past happenings happened in one’s life. Experiences are unique and incomparable, so it is better not to expect the same experience to be experienced by one when one read/hear about another’s experience (yogi or devotee or seeker). Comparison hinders experiencing the reality. Placing the focus internally and lessening the outward run following the sensual pull of the five senses helps one experience the self, which is the simple and valuable reality. It is utter foolishness to forget the available valuable diamond in one’s own hand to earn the less valuable pearls on another’s hand whoever it maybe.


Prayer is for the heart to see lord inside and in all around so that we love each other and do no harm. Differences are only in outside, but deep inside, we all are same. It is the same lord who resides in our hearts. When one see Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Guru Nanak and the unending names of divinity in such a way and not in their outward appearance, one can only love each other. Many have mistaken in interpreting their teachings and lead the humanity to misery. Read, hear and most importantly contemplate on any one of their teachings and find the true essence. Their births were to free us and see the divinity in us and all.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu
May good happen to all in the universe


The 5 senses are for me to use and not for them to use me
Mind, body, intellect and ego are for me to use and not for them to use me
Mobile and similar gadgets are for me to use and not for them to use me
Social medias are for me to use and not for them to use me
Money and facilities bought by money are for me to use and not for them to use me
Experiencing them and understanding their different sides,
I just use them as and when needed
Because before, now and after, it is only me that persist 😉

Sun/Moon = Light

Sun, once being covered by clouds, forgot it’s light, caught in misery and went to moon for help. Moon even being dependent on sun for light just removed the clouds, sun saw itself shining. Sun thanked the moon. Sun smiled, moon smiled. Sun or moon, let us shine 😊 Light is our nature.