Soul am I


May the fire dissolve to fire
May the air dissolve to air
May the water dissolve to water
May the earth dissolve to earth
May the space dissolve to space
May the word dissolve to mind
May the mind dissolve to breath
May the breath dissolve to energy
May the energy dissolve to soul
May the light of soul lead

I am the heat of fire
I am the power of air
I am the coolness of water
I am the mass of earth
I am the pervasiveness of space
Yet, I am not fire, air, water, earth or space
Due to I, fire, air, water, earth and space is recognized

Letters of the word am I
Movements of mind am I
Life of breath am I
Power of energy am I
The witnessing soul am I

Teachers to Teachings to Center

Sankara to what sankara said
Madhava to what Madhava said
Ramanuja to what Ramanuja said
From all sayings to the one hears
Hearer to heard
Heard to hearing
Hearing to what cause the hearing, what drawn to hearing – none other than Brahma
All the forms, letters, sound, everything is Brahma
May the Brahma shine ever and guide forward