Arunachala siva

Prarabdas put me in fire and as I felt the heat, Arunachala you called me deep from the heart. You the mountain of fire helping me to transcend fire of ego and all passions. You appeared before me as a caring friend and lead me through the heavy crowd under the moonlight. You lead me to secure places to stay. As I was sad, you put my head on your lap. You didn’t allow my leg to feel, you put my legs on your lap. You strengthened me within my lord. As Vaidyanatha, you appeared in the form of medicine to me. Your care and love, how can I describe Arunachala. As Dakshinamoorthy, you started teaching me to unlearn and learn, be open and strong, at the same time caring too. Always in my heart, you are loving me more than mother, father, sister, friend, lover and everything. I’m always resting in your heart Arunachala. All names and forms, let they fade or persist, but may I always enjoy your loving presence in my heart, and my lord, if I, due to any reason forget the presence even for a moment, draw me strongly back towards you. I’m the Aruna and you are the Achala. May this Aruna merge in you Arunachala 😊

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