Beautiful ones, do not fear darkness, do not lose energy in fighing darkness, BE THE LIGHT, shine brightly. Then darkness will dissolve itself in LIGHT. Make some time daily, stay in silence and dive deep into your vast sacred sea, your soul which is eternally pure, eternally free and eternally effulgent. It is your true essence. Body and all related feelings and what you see around are just a minute expression of what is within. Treasure is within, dive into it. Be brave to dive into this deep sea. Beware of the steps. Steps are to reach this sacred water within. Do not get attached to steps and spend this precious life in them. Move up from step to step as it appears in front of you. All steps are sacred as they appear to you according to the divine will. Steps are unique. Do not get confused looking at the steps travelled by others or in sayings of others. They are their unique steps which, like you have your unique steps. Be in commune with nature, be in commune with yourself, steps will appear, sense them and move up. SHINE IN YOUR SACRED LIGHT, IN THE DIVINITY WITHIN πŸ™‚

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