Giving out the energy outwardly and enlivening the matters and then spending the energy to get attached to these matters, spending energy to get happiness and avoid suffering from these matters, then lastly spending energy to grief and depression on missing these matters or to get unbound from these matters as they start hurting.

Through the nine holes of body, mind draws energy from within to outwardly to enliven the matters around. The mind, the great illusionist takes this same energy from within to draw one’s attention outwardly making one think one will get happiness, feels high, special and complete when wandered outwardly and energizing the matters around. This goes on unendingly till the deathbed and then also few realizes it. Some even at that time too, griefs about going to miss the relations, money, fame, friends, etc. All the scriptures say about this illusive nature of mind and the need for understanding it and how to solve the misery. Words and phrases are different outwardly, yet the essence is only one truth. The earlier one realizes this and practices, one can enjoy the bliss within, which is our eternal nature. Paths and steps are many according to individual’s nature of understanding.

May Lord who always shines in the heart of all beings show the steps for one to enjoy the eternal bliss.

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