Lord in Heart

The same lord resides in heart of all beings. With prayers and thinking of lord in any name/form/presence all the time or whenever one can, one can experience wonders for sure. In silence, Lord will communicate from heart to heart beyond intellect and words – Lord even communicates with us through even things which we think as inanimate. The most sacred one, in front of whom we can surrender ourselves is lord only for lord accepts us with all our imperfections gathered in this birth and from earlier births without any judgement. Lord in our heart purifies us and help us realise our pure, spotless, effulgent form which is same as Lord’s nature for we are born from there only.

May the new year remind us more of the Lord in our heart and in hearts of all beings. May the resurrection happen in all beings and all enjoy eternal peace and happiness while living in the earth itself πŸ™‚

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