This moment….

Duality is just a play of mind. It is like I standing in front of a mirror and see me in the mirror to see my external appearance. I am in front of mirror and what is seen in mirror is just a reflection. Similarly, the mind identifying with body and senses stands in front of the mirror called the world and forgets the soul, the one monistic reality. When focused within, the mind and world too dissolves and soul, I only exist. So it is monistic, advaitha only.

One can stand as dwaithi and see lord as separate from the soul in one’s heart and devotedly workship the lord. Or one can stand as a vishishtadvaithi and see one’s soul formed from lord having the qualities of lord, but not lord and workship the lord with deep devotion but separate from one. Then also, with pure devotion, at one point, realizing the soul and losing all desires, one gets identified with lord and merges in lord. It happens naturally and thus, there is no dvaitha, vishitadvaitha or advaitha. Now, at this point, in this mood of word’s flow, I could say this much only.

There is no I, there is no you, there is only the pure bliss. Let it be so πŸ™‚

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