Rising up before the sun and enjoying the beautiful silence, the mind under the watchful consciousness, feeling so light. Weightless like feather and vision so clear. Mind listening to heart’s chanting of arunachala siva. As the grace, from the day the thought of Arunachala came to the mind, heart got attracted to it than anything else. Various sensual pleasures, responsibilities, duties came in front to try to block, but Arunachala’s grace helping to glide through them. Arunachala is the mirror, everything else are images appearing in Arunachala. Strongly holding Arunachala, the ever loving presence in heart, I am dissolving. Arunachala acted as a throne to take the throne of ignorance. Like Gandhiji, I saw Ramana Maharshi’s photo also for the first time in my grandfather’s home while I was in UKG. At that time, I felt he and Gandhiji are grandfathers too. In later classes, I came to know about Gandhiji, but it took me more time to hear about Ramana Maharshi. In my yoga class, I heard the name of Ramana Maharshi and self-realization and from friend Sharma also I heard about him and Tiruvannamalai, but I do not feel any particular type of attraction towards it, but had it with Shakaracharya who influenzed me starting from my first standard. Last year is the first time when my heart suffered in some sort of pain and doing the Vaikunta Ekadashi vritha, name Arunachala came to my mind. Mind conditioned with searching things in google as the nature of medical transcription work put me in, I searched Arunachala in google and found about Tiruvannamalai, the abode of Arunachala and Ramana Maharshi for whom Arunachala is everything who merged in Arunachala’s grace. From that time onwards, Arunachala’s presence is always within me. Workaholic me changed and work situation changed for me to visit Arunachala. Second time also when the wish to be in Arunachalam rose, work situation miraculously changed in the form of a viral attack affecting the whole work, yet not me. Arunachala took me through different paths which I never ever dreamt of traveling, connected me with people who helped me when needed. Arunachala’s presence in me helped me face fear situations bravely. What more to say, everything is Arunachala’s grace. May the grace of Arunachala dissolve me without the trace of I and let the Arunachala shine. Arunachala is the fire and I am the camphor eager to melt fully in Arunachala’s grace. Arunachala siva 🙂

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