Remembering Shaji swami…

Just in the morning of the day, I’m leaving Thiruvannamalai, in front of ashram gate, at around 7:30 a.m., I met this saint. He came in front of me smiling with praying palms. I smiled and wished him back with praying palms. He asked me, “you are Malayali right?” I said “yes” thinking how he knew. He said “I understood it from your hairstyle and earrings.” He talked with me in Malayalam. He said he is living in the street more than 7 years. He enjoyed everything in life, married twice, had a son and he left everything and came to Thiruvannamalai. He said “truth is so simple” and told me to look at sky where he pointed. For the first time in life, I saw white silver like sun. He then showed me a woman inside a car passing the gate of Ramanashram and said “people are busy for nothing nowadays and missing the beauty, the truth.” At that time, an old woman came in front of me asking palms and I gave her the coin. Priest from Mathrubhooteswar temple also came at that time. The saint said, “Iyer came.” Priest, with a smile, gave money to the old woman and the saint too and walked away. Saint said me “compassion is the only thing to be earned in have it. Just pray to Arunachala, he will give you everything.” I said him, “bhagavan is my everything.” He asked me “do you want to know anything?” I said “no.” He asked me “when are you leaving?” I said”today afternoon.” He said “ok, I will be in this street. I have a small hut, you can visit next time.” He showed me the hut – it is just dry coconut leaves covering in 3 sides and up, one can just sit in it on sunny day. Yet, he is so happy and contented. He said me “enjoy life, be happy, Arunachala will give you everything.” I asked him “what is your name swami?” He said laughing “My name is Shaji. I’m not swami.” He then showed me two persons and said “these are my friends, they are siddhas.” I wished those two swamis with praying palms and they too wished me back. Saint placed his right palm on my head and said “Arunachala will give you everything.” He then said bye and walked away.

Today, as I saw the evening setting red sun, I remembered him and the white sun 😊

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