YOU Vs I :)

While you enjoy being in fear
I am enjoying the heart full of love
While you like to call me Lekshmi
I like to be called on as Kaali
While you need weapons or even the body
I do not need anything
While you are irritable of me not having fear
I am laughing with the idea of fear
While you do everything to avoid death
I am in friendship with death
While you like to swim superficially to show the world
I am diving deep and not bothered of world
While you think, the resources are only for you
I believe resources are for all beings
While you crave to see skin under the clothes
I am comfortable being the skin
While you fear ferocious animals
I love them dearly
While you believe the world should be perfect
I am watching the beauty of imperfection
While you are attached to good and bad and society
I am out of the game, watching the game 🙂

Introducing Harinamakeerthanam and Thunjath Ramanujan Ezhuthachan


Dear all,

I am writing this to tell about Harinamakeerthanam and Thunjath Ramanujan Ezhuthachan for those who are hearing these names for the first time. Harinamakeerthanam (Song of name of Hari) is a philosophical Malayalam poem written by Thunjath Ramanujan Ezhuthachan. Ezhuthachan is a philosophical Malayalam poet lived in Kerala around 16th century. He is known as the “Father of Modern Malayalam Language” for the contributions he made in Malayalam language.

He introduced the 51 character alphabet system equivalent to Sanskrit to Malayalam instead of Vattezhuthu, the 30-letter script of Malayalam. According to historians and linguists, Ezhuthachan refined the “style” of Malayalam language and it was during his period that Malayalam literature attained its “individuality” and Malayalam became a “fully fledged” independent language. He also brought the language to the level of the non-Brahmins’s understanding. Ezhuthachan used Malayalam language to challenge the prevailing social conditions. He is known for using his literary works as a powerful tool against the rule of privileged. Ezhuthachan is also considered as a significant voice of the Bhakti movement in Kerala. He brought massive changes and standardisation in the language through his works. He translated the two Hindu epics, the Ramayana and Mahabharata, to Malayalam for the common man with the mingling of the Sanskrit and Dravidian languages (taken from Wikipedia).

Harinamakeerthanam is a highly notable work as it uses all the 51 alphabets of Malayalam and also speaks high about the equal right of all to worship God regardless of religion, caste, gender, body conditions, social status, lifestyle etc. This poem speaks about Advaitha (non-dualism) in a beautiful way. It was a great challenge for me to translate this 51-lettered Malayalam work to 26-lettered English language, but I really enjoyed. I dissolved into each letters during this work and it was a meditating experience for me.

I felt to publish it online in order to make it accessible to people around the world. I approached some online spiritual sites and poetry sites, but I did not get satisfactory response. Yesterday early morning, I felt to self-publish it through my blog and quora blog so that it is freely accessible to all. I also believe in saving trees and paper 🙂

Thanks for reading,
Krishna Priya


Harinaamakeerthanam – Thunjathu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan


Om Vakrathunda Mahakaya

Sooryakodi Samaprabha

Nirvikhnam Kurume Deva

Sarva Karyeshu Sarvada

Aum the one with curved trunk and large body, glowing with the light equal to million Suns, Lord, please always make all the works free of obstacles.

Kaayena Vaachaa Manaseindriyairvaa

Budhyaathmanaavaa Prakrtheh Svabhaavaath

Karomi Yadyath Sakalam Parasmai

Srinarayanayethi Samarppayaami

All that which is done through the body, speech, mind, senses, intellect, ego and natural tendencies to others is surrendered to all pervading lord, Narayana.

Harinaamakeerthanam (Devotional recitation of name of Hari) is the notable work by Thunjathu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan – a very knowledgable poet lived in Kerala around 16th century.  Harinaamakeerthanam is a devotional philosophical poem by Ezhuthachan.  He is known as the “Father of “Malayalam language” – which consists of 51 letters.  Harinaamakeerthanam is historically important in that way too, in which all the 51 letters of Malayalam language is used.

നാരായണായ നമഃ നാരായണായ നമഃ

നാരായണായ നമഃ നാരായണായ നമഃ

നാരായണ, നരകസന്താപനാശക

ജഗന്നാഥ വിഷ്ണു ഹരി നാരായണായ നമഃ

Narayanayanama: Narayanayanama:

Narayanayanama: Narayanayanama:

Narayana naraka Santhaapanaasaka

Jagannathavishnu Hari Narayanayanama:

Bowing completely to all pervading lord again and again. All pervading lord, remover of all hell-like sorrows, lord of the universe, preserver, remover of ignorance.  all pervading lord, salutation.

Omkaramayaporul moonay pirinjudane

Angaramayathinnu thaan thanne sakshiyithu

Bodham varuthuvathinnu aalayininna

Paramacharyaroopa Hari Narayanaya nama:

Omkaram (Om) that is Brahman divided into three, following which ego arise. Brahman (I) itself is the witness. To realize this truth, the remover of ignorance, all pervading lord himself appears in the form of supreme teacher. Bowing the all pervading lord, Narayana.

Always pure, always liberated, always enlightened Brahman is represented as one syllable mantra Om for the curious seeker to recite and meditate as a symbol to realize and experience the Brahman which is beyond all forms, symbols and names. The division of Brahman into three can be explained as Holy Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara); Trigunas (Satva, Rajas, Thamas) and Three states (Wakefulness, Dream and Deep sleep). The one and only one Brahman is felt as three due to the ignorance created by ego.  Ego and its creation ignorance are formed from Brahman itself. As pure consciousness, Brahman (I) stand as witness of the three (Holy Trinity, Trigunas and Three states). Realizing this reality, the remover of ego and all pervading Lord, appeared in the form of supreme teacher. Once the individual sincerely yearns for realizing this eternal truth, Lord appears in the form of guru and helps the individual in self-realization. Bowing Lord for his everlasting love and care for his creations.

Onnaya ninneyiha randennu kandalavi-

lundayorindal batha mindavathalla mama

Pandekanakku varuvan ninkrupa valikal

Undakayengaliha narayanaya nama:

The one and only you when seen as two, created unexplainable sorrow in me. To realize as it was earlier, please show your mercy on me.  Bowing the all pervading lord, Narayana.

Due to the ignorance created by ego and its tendency to look to the outside world, the one and only Brahman is seen as two. the confusion and sorrow I felt on seeing many in place of one cannot be explained through words. It is very painful. Please show your mercy upon me Lord to see you as one within me without a second as it was earlier. Bowing the all pervading Lord for his merciful nature.

Aananda chinmaya hare Gopikaramana!

Jnanenna bhavamathu thonnayga venamiha

Thoonnunnathaagil akhilam jnanithenna Vazhi

Thoonnename Varada narayanaya nama:

The one with happiness as nature, remover of all sins, one who made Gopis happier, I do not want to feel the ego and if I feel, bless me to feel the universe as me. Bowing the all pervading lord, Narayana.

Eternal joyfulness is Lord’s nature. Gopis when came to him with sensual attraction, he made them experience the real happiness beyond body and senses and lead them to self realization and liberation. Living in this world, sometimes I feel the ego that I can do this, I am this etc., but when I think about it, I feel sorry to myself. So, I am depending on you Lord to give me the blessing to feel the whole universe as myself because as I feel the universe as me I do not feel any particular attraction or hatred towards anyone or anything. Bowing the all pervading Lord as the giver of blessings.

Arkkaanalaadhi Velivokke Grahikkumoru

Kanninnukannu Manamaagunna Kannathinnu

Kannayirunnaporul Thaanennumurakkumala-

vaanandamenthu hari narayanaya nama:

Realizing the light of sun and fire is realized through the light of eyes and that light is from mind’s eyes and that is enlightened by the self.  The happiness thus experienced on strongly realizing this truth is immense Oh remover of all ignorance.  Bowing the all pervading lord, Narayana.

The light of sun and fire is seen through eyes. Eyes see the light with the help of corresponding sight center in brain or the mind. the mind realizes this enlightened by the light of self, which is Brahman itself. Once we focus internally and contemplate, we can clearly realize it is only when we have the mind to detect the light as that is from Sun or Fire, we see the light, else we do not see it.  And, it is not the mind’s own ability, but the ever enlightened self is that which stands behind the mind and helping it to perceive the light.  Realizing this truth strongly gives immense happiness.  This happens when Lord mercifully removes all the ignorance and we clearly see the self.  Bowing the all pervading lord as the giver of all happiness.

Harinaama keerthanamithura cheivathinnu guru-

varulale devakalumarulcheika bhoosurarum

Naranayi janichu bhuvi maranam bhavippalavu

Muracheivadinnarulga narayanaya nama:

To recite this song of Hari’s name, respectfully asking the blessings of Guru, Gods and self-realized souls. Born as a human being in Earth, asking the blessings to recite this till the end of this birth.  Bowing the all pervading lord, Narayana.

To a human being’s good fortune, he may be able to know about Lord’s name and its glory through anyone or anything. That who/which make one to understand Lord’s name is so powerful that it help one to realize the eternal goal of life is Guru. A fortunate human soul starts its devotional quest through the name and form of Lord. Worshipping the lord with name and form purifies the mind and help one to realize the self as Lord. Reciting Lord’s name is the simple worship which anyone can do at any place and time. Invoking the grace of Guru, Gods and various self-realized souls to bless this human being to recite Lord’s name till its human birth ends in earth.  Bowing the all pervading lord for his everlasting glory.

Sreemoolamaya prakrutheengal thudangi Jana-

naandyathoolam para mahaamaaya thantegathi

Janmangalum pala kazhinjaalumillavathi

Karmathinnum paramanarayanaya nama:

Maya (illusion)  born from Lord does not have end. Even after taking several births, the duties (actions) do not have any end. greatest all pervading lord, salutation.

Everything including Maya (illusion) arises from Lord. Illusion is always in the form of movement and due to this one engages in various actions and experiences the fruits. Every action has a resultant fruit and the fruits of action are temporary, yet the fruit yielding capacity of action bounds an individual to action and he/she feels to do more actions. as the life span of an individual ends, he/she takes more births to experience the fruits of earlier actions and to do more actions. This goes on unendingly. Bowing the all pervading lord realizing illusion also arises from him, yet he remains untouched by any illusions.

Garbhasthanay bhuvi janichum marichummuda-

kappolapole jananandye na nithyagathi

Thwadbhakthi vardhanamudikkenam Enmanassi

Nithyam thozhayvariga narayanaya nama:

Life in the womb, then birth and death like the bubble formed in water, no permanent way to get out.  Lord, may your devotion arise in my mind increasingly daily and do prayers daily.  all pervading lord, , salutation.

Birth and death is a non-ending circle.  Life in earth is like a bubble formed in water for a very short moment and bursting itself after some time.  Involving in various activities in day to day life, it is easier to get lost as one activity leads to another one and this goes on unendingly.  In this way, the precious human life is wasted without understanding the ultimate goal of life.  Only through devotion and correct knowledge one will be able to understanding the ultimate goal of human life.  I am praying Lord to arise increasing devotion in my mind so that I could realize the goal of this life.  Bowing the all pervading lord who is the presence in all beings.

Nathaaril maaninimanaalan puraanapuru-

shan bhakthavathsalananthaadiheenanapi

Chithathilachyutha Kalipanthalittu vila-

yadeedukenmanasi Narayanaya nama:

Dearest to flower-born Lekshmi devi, primordial man, dearest to devotees, who has existence without beginning or end, who is without destruction, kindly build a playground in my mind and play in my mind.  all pervading lord,  salutation.

Lekshmi devi, consort of Lord Vishnu is born from flower.  Out of her love towards Lord Vishnu, she blesses the devotees who worship her husband.  Lord is primordial man and so dearest to his devotees that he always protects us in all ways.  He is without any destruction and is ever present.  Dear Lord, please build a playground in my mind and play there so that I can be in bliss always.  Bowing the all pervading lord who is dearest to devotees.

Pachakilippavizha paalvarnamothanira-

michippavarkku shadaadharam kadannupari-

viswasthithi pralayasrishtikku sathwaraja-

sthamobhedhahari narayanaya nama:

Green, red and white colors; those who wish to have will cross over the sixth state and reach the deluge state of universe and beyond the Satwa, Rajas and Thamo gunas through the grace of Hari, remover of all ignorance.  all pervading lord, salutation.

Green color is denoting Thamo guna, red is denoting Rajo guna and white is denoting Satwa guna.  Some people take Hatha yoga and Kundalini rising practices in order to realize the Lord’s presence and union with Lord.  They will have visuals of different colors as they progress through different stages among six stages (Mooladhara, Swadhistana, Manipuraka, Anahatha, Vishudhi and Aajna) and finally reaches Sahasrarapadma.  Only through Lord’s grace one can do and reach such a state.  Creation, preservation and destruction of universe is the function of Rajas, Satwa and Thamo gunas respectively.  Even though Lord works through trigunas for creation, preservation and destruction of universe, he remains unaffected by any of these gunas.  Bowing the all pervading lord who is beyond all gunas.

Thathwathinulliludayam cheythidunna poru-

letheeduvaan Gurupadanthe Bhajippavannu

Mukthikkuthakkorupadesam tharum; janana-

matteedumannavanu narayanaya nama:

Hidden in the matter, yet shining profound as truth, to reach such when devotedly worshipping Guru’s feet, will be given advice for liberation.  At that moment, birth stops to that person.  all pervading lord, salutation.

In all matter, truth shines as ever glowing light, yet seen hidden or not experienced due to ignorance.  One who wishes to know and realize the truth when devotedly worships a realized Guru, Guru will give advice according to the person’s maturity.  Thus, realizing from Guru about the eternal truth, the person will be free from rebirth.  Bowing the all pervading lord in the form of loving guru.

Yenpaapamokkeyarivaan Chithragupthanude

Sampoorna Likhyathagiram Kettu Dharmapathi

Enpakkalulla Duritham Paarthu Kaanumala-

vambhoruhaaksha Hari Narayanaya Nama:

As the lord of righteousness (Yama dharma) hears the Chithragupta’s list of my sins and decides the level of punishments to be given, please be with me Lord with lotus eyes and remover of all ignorances.  all pervading lord, salutation.

The thoughts at the time of death decide next birth.  The results of all activities one does produce impressions in mind and gives rise to desire to do more activities.  Once the physical body becomes weak and nears death, the thoughts in mind will be according to these impressions.  Depending on the results of good and bad deeds, one gets a birth accordingly.  Chithragupta and lord of righteousness are symbolic representations of mind.  If one has devotion from young age, at the time of death, one will recite or remember lotus eyed Lord’s name and helps one in getting higher birth or merging in Lord.  Bowing the all pervading lord with beautiful lotus eyes.

Nakshatrapankthikalum Indu Prakaasavumo-

likkum Divaakaranudhichu Uyarnneedave

Paksheeganam Garudanekkandu Kaithozhuthu

Rakshikkayennadima Narayanaya Nama:

As the sun rises up, the group of stars and moonlight disappears.  As the group of birds see Garuda (king of birds), they bow before him like slaves.  all pervading lord, salutation.

When the sunlight of knowledge rises in heart, mind’s tendency to follow the sensual pleasures disappears.  Mind will be drawn towards heart from external world realizing the momentary nature of worldly pleasures.  I am pleading Lord to remove my ignorance in believing world as real and to help me get the knowledge of self-realization.  Bowing the all pervading lord in the form of light of knowledge.

Mathpraananum paranumonnennu urappavannu

Thath praanadehavumanithyam kalathra dhanam

Swapnaadiyil Palavukandaalunarnnavanno-

doppam grahikka Hari Narayanaya nama:

For one who confirms one’s soul and Lord is one, to him/her, own body cover of soul is momentary as are spouse and money.  Dream, infatuation, disease etc., when seen (experienced) and woken up (crossed over) is equal to such a person, remover of all ignorances, all pervading lord, salutation.

As one realizes and confirms own soul (jeevaathma) and God (paramathma) are one, to him/her own body which is a cover of the soul and spouse and money (all possessions relating to body identity) are momentary.  This is equal to the experiences one have in dream, infatuation, disease etc. – When one sees dream, one experiences pleasure, pain, etc., but coming out of the dream proves those experiences as momentary, so also when one experiences infatuations, diseases, etc., they too experienced as real for few moments and after that disappears.  Due to Lord’s grace, when ignorance removed, one will have the knowledge to determine the real/permanent and unreal/momentary.  Bowing the all pervading lord for his graceful removal of all ignorances.

(In the above stanzas, Ezhuthachan has used starting letters of “Hari Sree Ganapathaye Nama,” which is age-old invocation prayer used on the occasion when a child is first taught letters and writing).

Anpeenamen manasi Sreeneelakanda guru-

vamboruhakshamithi vazhthunnu Jnanumiha

Ambathoraksharavum Oroonnithen mozhiyi-

lanpoducherkka Hari Narayanaya nama:

With limitless mercy, may Sreeneelakanda Guru (felt as Dakshinamoorthy, the highest guru) in my mind, with lotus eyes, I am praising to help me to use each one of 51 alphabets in my words.  Oh, the remover of all ignorances, all pervading lord, salutation.

(I feel Sreeneelakanda Guru as Lord Dakshinamoorthy – the highest of gurus, the gem of knowledge who with limitless mercy imparts knowledge to disciples through silence.  Feels like Ezhuthachan is asking the blessings of Lord Dakshinamoorthy or maybe his guru whose name was Neelakanda).  I am asking Sreeneelakanda guru’s limitless mercy who is with lotus eyes to bless by mind.  I am praising guru lovingly to help me to use each one of the 51 alphabets in my words (Malayalam language has 51 alphabets) to compose this poem.  Bowing the all pervading lord for his limitless mercy in removal of all ignorances.

Adhyaksharathil Ulavaayonnithokkeyumi-

thaadyaksharathilithu adangunnathum karuthi

Adyaksharaalivayil Ooroonneduthu Pari-

keerthippathinnarulga Narayanaya nama:

In the first alphabet “Aa” everything is formed and everything dissolves, believing this, starting from first alphabet followed by others to be taken to glorify, mercifully bless all pervading lord, salutation.

In Malayalam, alphabet is known as “Aksharam” – meaning without destruction.  Due to the non-destructing nature, each alphabet is believed as Brahman, from which everything arises and dissolves.  Keeping this belief in mind, asking Lord’s mercy to take each one of these alphabets to compose the poem to glorify the Brahman.  Bowing the all pervading lord for his boundless love.

Ikkanda viswamathumindraadhi devakalu-

markkeendu vahnikolodoppam thrimoorthikalum

Agre virat purusha ninmoolam akashravum-

morkkay vareenamiha narayanaya nama:

All these seen universe, indra and other devas, sun, moon, fire along with the thrimoorthis are formed because of you, Virat Purusha, eternal truth without any destruction.  May I always remember this.  all pervading lord, salutation.

Whatever seen in the universe including indra, devas, sun, moon, fire along the thrimoorthis (Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara) are formed from Virat Purusha.  Purusha sooktha in Yajurveda clearly describes Viratroopa.  Virat Purusha is all pervasive and without any destruction.  Kindly bless me Lord to always remember this truth.  Bowing the all pervading lord for showing us his Viratroopa.

Eevanna moham agalepovathinnu puna-

reevannamulloru Upadesangal illulakil

Jeevannu, Krisha Hari Govinda Rama Thiru-

naamangal onnozhige narayanaya nama:

The presently came illusion to go away, there is no better advice in world for the soul other than Krishna Hari Govinda Rama – divine names not even one with less prominence.  all pervading lord, salutation.

It is easier for even a learnt/matured person to fall into illusion if he/she is not cautious, then what could be said about common man.  Even to understand one is in illusion, one should have the sensitivity.  The simple way for one to be out of illusion is reciting any of the Lord’s names – Krishna Hari Govinda Rama or any divine names.  No one name is superior or inferior to other.  Poonthanam, Sri Sadasivabrahmendra, Thulasidas, Chaithanyamahaprabhu, etc., are great men who have written about the importance of reciting Lord’s name.  When one’s mind is immersed in Lord’s name, mind will be drawn towards Lord and illusion, which is also a form of Lord will get dissolved in Lord itself.  Bowing the all pervading lord for the glory of his names capable of removing illusions.

Ullil Kanatha madha maathsaryamennivaka-

lullorukaalamuden Ennagilum manasi

Chollunnathaaru thirunaamangal annavannu

Nalla gathikkuvazhi narayanaya nama:

even when having strong pride and competitiveness and like that at this time in mind, if one recites the divine names, at the very moment, it opens way to good path (liberation).  all pervading lord, salutation.

Living in the world, one may feel strong influences of ego, pride, competitiveness, etc. which leads to loss of mind peace.  Reciting any of the lord’s divine names is the quickest way to calm down the mind.  The peaceful inner silence is actually the liberation experience.  Bowing the all pervading lord for the glory of his names capable of bringing peace.

Uurinnu venda chila bhaarangal vendathinnu

Neerinnu venda nijadhaarangal vendathinnu

Narayana Achyutha Hare yennathinnoruvar

Naavonne vendu Hari narayanaya nama:

No need of right place for this.  No need of water or rituals for this.  To recite Narayana, Achyutha, Hare etc, only tongue is needed.  Oh, remover of all ignorances.  all pervading lord, salutation.

to do the recitation of Lord’s divine name, one does not need to search a right place.  Lord is present everywhere, so anywhere is apt for doing namaajapa (recitation of Lord’s names).  Also, one should not feel concerned about availability of holy water to cleanse the body or flowers and other items to do ritualistic worship or presence of spouse to do naamajapa because Lord’s name is so powerful that it cleanse the mind, one’s own heart thinking of Lord is better than plucked flowers and only the relationship with Lord is eternal.  One just needs tongue to recite various names like Narayana, Achyutha, Hare etc.  Reciting the Lord’s name removes all the ignorances.  Bowing the all pervading lord for the easiness of reciting divine names.

Rithuvaaya penninnumirappavannum daahakannum

Pathithannum Agniyagnam cheytha bhoosurannum

Harinaamakeerthanamithoru naalumarkkumuda-

naruthaathathalla harinarayanaya nama:

For the woman during her menstruation or the beggar or the cremator or the worst criminal or the Brahmin who had done sacrifices in Fire, are never prohibited in reciting names of Hari anytime.  all pervading lord, salutation.

Some people think menstruation is an impure time in a woman’s life, but it is not true.  menstruation is the sign of fertility of a woman.  Woman can recite Lord’s name any time.  Beggar can recite Lord’s name any time.  cremator can recite Lord’s name any time.  Worst criminal can recite Lord’s name any time.  The ritualistic Brahmin can recite Lord’s name any time.  No one has the power to say this person is not allowed to recite Lord’s name or at this particular time.  Everyone can recite Lord’s name any time.  Bowing the all pervading lord for the equal freedom in reciting divine names.

Rhoubhoshanennu Chilar bhashikkilum chilarkal

Eepaapiyennu parayunnathaakilum manasi

Aavo namukku thiriyaayennurachu thiru

Naamangal cholka Hari Narayanaya nama:

Biggest fool, some may tease; some others may say this sinner, then also, with firm attitude of “I do not understand this,” recite the divine names of Hari.  all pervading lord, salutation.

Seeing the devotion of a person, some people in society (especially young generation) tease him/her by calling you are a big fool to spent your time in reciting Lord’s name and devotion.  Some egoistic/ignorant people calls him/her a sinner thinking it is due to fear of the sin one had done, one is reciting Lord’s name to get free from the sin.  When hearing these words, one should keep the firm attitude that “I do not understand what they say,” just let it go and continue reciting divine names.  Bowing the all pervading lord for the glory of divine names in strengthening and steadying the mind.

Luchjamaadi Cherthoru Porutham ninaykkilumi-

thajithante naamaganamathiningu venda dridam

Oru kodikodi Vaka thirunaamamullavayi-

laruthaathathilla Hari Narayanaya nama:

Lu, Chj, Ma – combination and matching is strongly unnecessary in order to suitably pick among bhagavan’s names.  Among crores and crores of divine names, not a single name is inferior. Oh remover of all ignorances, all pervading lord, salutation.

In mantras, letters are used in specific combinations to invoke power.  For a common man, it may be difficult to understand the meaning of such mantras, method of pronunciation and practices to follow in the recitation.  Contemplating deeply, one could understand every letters are powerful and so it is needless to worry about the combination and matching of letters to select Lord’s divine names for recitation.  We have crores and crores of divine names and not even a single name is inferior among them.  Bowing the all pervading lord in helping us understanding the power of every letters in divine names.

Lookaaramaadhi muthalaayittu jnanumiha

Kaikooppi veenudanirakkunnu Nathaonudu

Ekanthabhakthiyakame vannudippathinnu

Vaikunnathendu Hari Narayanaya nama:

Starting from “Lookaaram” – a specific letter using which I salute with praying hands to merciful Lord and appealing why it is becoming late to arise one-pointed devotion within oh remover of all ignorances.  all pervading lord, salutation.

The goal of human birth is God realization (self realization).  Devotion along with self enquiry is the path for such.  One-pointed devotion helps to focus mind in doing self enquiry.  Among the crores and crores of holy names, one can choose any name and stick on to that for developing focus.  I am saluting merciful Lord with praying hands to help me in developing one-pointed devotion within.  “Lookaaram” is a symbolic representation for a specific holy name.  Bowing the all pervading lord in helping to develop one-pointed devotion leading to self realization.

Eekanda yogikalil aakamksha kondupara-,

mekanda vazhi pokuunithen manavum

Kakan parannu punar annangal poya vazhi

Pokunnapole hari narayanaya nama:

Seeing these yogis and feeling curious, my mind too goes in the path of solitude.  It is like crow flying the path flown by swans, oh remover of all ignorances.  all pervading lord, salutation.

Seeing the devotion and peace experienced by these yogis, I am feeling curious and my mind too going in the path of solitude to reach one-pointed devotion.  Not having full detachment towards all worldly pleasures, yet following the path of yogis, my travel is like the crow flying the paths of swans.  (Once upon a time a fat crow flown on sky above sea following the path of swans.  With fat body and small wings and being not used to fly above sea for long, after flying for some time, crow fell into the sea and died).  Oh remover of all ignorances, help me in self enquiry and have equal mind towards everything.  Bowing the all pervading lord who is helping me to find and correct faults in myself.

Ayyanjum anjumudan ayyarum ettumudan

avvannamettumudan enmoonnum Eezhum Adha

Chovvoodoranjumapi randonnu thathwamathil

Mevunna naadha hari Naryanaya nama:

Five into five plus five, five into six plus eight, eight into three plus seven, then five and two plus one – principles, in which Lord is living.  Oh remover of ignorances, all pervading lord, salutation.

Five elements (water, fire, space, earth, air), five sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, skin, tongue), five principle senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste), five action organs (hands, legs, mouth, anus, genitals), five prominent vital energies (prana, apana, vyana, udhana, samana), five less prominent vital energies (naaga, koorma, devadatha, dananjya, krikala), six energy centers (mooladhara, swadhishtana, manipooraka, anahatha, vishudha, aajna), eight attractions (raga, dwesha, kama, krodha, lobha, moha, madha, matsarya), eight (four antakarana – manas, bhuddhi, chitta, ahamkara with their functions of sankalpa, nischaya, smarana, abhimaana), three nerve currents (ida, pingala, sushumna), three mandalas (agnimandala, arkkamandala, chandramandala), three eshanas (artheshana, dhareshana, paathreshana), three doshas (kapha, vata, pitta), three gunas (sattva, rajas, thamas), three states (waking, dream, sleep), three bodies (sthula, sookshma, kaarana), three presiding deities (viswa, taijasa, pragna), seven datus (skin, blood, flesh, fat, bone, bone marrow, semen), five sheaths (annamaya kosha, praanamaya kosha, manomaya kosha, vijnanamaya kosha, aanandamaya kosha), two plus one, that is three thaapatraya (aadhyathmikam, aadibhouthikam, aadidaivikam).  Thus, totally 96 principles are described here.  Lord resides in each one of these principles.  Upon self realization by Lord’s grace, one may be able to realize Lord’s presence in everything and all the differences will thus vanish.  Bowing the all pervading lord who removes all the differences.

Othunnu geethakalilithellam Athenna Porul

Eathennu kanmathinu pora manobalavum

Ethengilum kimapi kaarunyaminnu thava

Sadikkavendu hari narayanaya nama:

Saying in all geethas that it is all the same truth; to see which, power of mind is not enough.  Anyhow, some of your grace is needed.  Oh remover of ignorances, all pervading lord, salutation.

Lots of geethas (philosophical texts) are there and all these say about the same truth that Lord is one and only one.  These philosophical texts are written by different intellectual geniuses and it may be difficult for common minds to understand them.  Lord’s grace is needed to understand them.  Lord’s gracious blessing can help me understand the truth.  Bowing the all pervading lord who gives knowledge to devotees.

Oudhubarathil masakathinnu thonnumithin

Meethe Kadhapi sukhamillennu thalparichu

Chethovimohini mayakkayka maaya thava

Dehohamennivayil Narayanaya nama:

Inside the fig fruit, the worm feels there is no pleasure higher than this.  Similar to that, Lord’s illusion let not delude me in body and such.  all pervading lord, salutation.

A worm born and living inside the sweet fig fruit feels there is no pleasure higher than it as it had seen only the inside of fig fruit.  Due to illusion which is also a part of Lord, one may feel this body and the related things are true and the pleasure felt through these attaches one to body and forgets one’s true self.  I am pleading Lord to let me not fall into such illusion.  Bowing the all pervading lord who is both the creator and remover of all illusions.

Ambhojasambhavanum anpodu neendhi bhatha

Vanmohavaridhiyil ennedamorthu mama

Vanpedi Paaramivanamboodadaayvathinnu

Mumbe Thozhamadikal narayanaya nama:

One born in lotus (Brahma) too swam in the big sea of illusion.  Thinking this, I am very much scared and before it largely affects me, bowing your feet.  all pervading lord, salutation.

Once even Brahma who was born from lotus born from the umbilicus of Lord Vishnu swam in the big sea of illusion.  Brahma tried to find who is he, where he came from, what is the purpose of his birth and swam through the inside of lotus towards water, but he couldn’t reach anywhere and 100 years passed.  He got sad and swam back to lotus, controlled the mind through breath and focused within and thus found the truth.  Only when mind’s tendency to go outward is controlled and focus is made within, one could find the truth.  Else, one will be caught in sea of illusion.  Understanding this, I am very much scared.  Before the world’s illusive attractions largely affects me, I am bowing your feet, Lord for your grace to help me to focus within and find the truth.  Bowing the all pervading lord who is the remover of all fears.

Appaasavum vadiyumaykondajamilane

Mulppaadu chennu kayarittooru kimkarare

Pilppaadu chennadha thaduthooru naalvareyu-

mappole naumi hari narayanaya nama:

With noose and stick, came first to Ajamila and tried to bind with noose, the servants of Yama had been later came and blocked by four who looked like Maha Vishnu, thinking their form, Oh remover of all ignorances, all pervading lord, salutation.

Ajamila was a brahmin in Kanyakubja.  Even though a brahmin, he was overcame by worldly desires and he married a low natured woman and had 10 sons.  His youngest son’s name was Narayana whom he loved most.  His death time arrived and all his though was on his little son, Narayana.  The servants of Yama (lord of death) came with noose and sticks on hand and started to bind him.  Out of fear, Ajamila called out Narayana, his son.  Hearing the name, Narayana and calling for help, four servants of Maha Vishnu who looked exactly like Maha Vishnu appeared there and freed Ajamila from the servants of Yama.  This story shows the power of Lord’s holy name.  Even when one has done various sins, crimes, etc., but remorse on the mistakes and call up on Lord’s name, it will purify one and help to lead him/her to self-realization and ultimate freedom.  Bowing the all pervading lord for the power of his holy names to purify and liberate even the worst sinners.

Kashtam! Bhavaaneyoru Paandyan Bhajichala-

vagasthyane nee batha sapippichathendiniha

Nakrena kaalkadha Kadippichu Pinneyuma-

thoorkkaavathalla Hari Naryanaya nama:

Pity! Lord, one Paandya devotee of you, being cursed by Agasthya by you and you made crocodile bitten his leg too.  I am not able to think (sad).  Oh remover of ignorances, all pervading lord, salutation.

A Paandya king, Indradyumna was a great devotee and once he was in meditation forgetting the surroundings, sage Agasthya came near him.  Being in meditation, king did not know Agasthya was standing in front of him.  Due to Lord’s will, Sage felt it disrespectful towards him and cursed Indradyumna to become an elephant.  King became an elephant next birth.  The elephant with its heard one day went in a lotus filled pond to enjoy.  While the elephant was in water, a crocodile caught it’s leg and tried to drag him down.  All elephants tried to help him out of crocodile’s mouth, but their attempts went in vain.  Understanding only Lord can save him elephant plucked a lotus from pond and started reciting Lord’s divine names for 1000 years.  Hearing his prayer, Lord Vishnu on his Garuda appeared there and killed the crocodile with Sudarshana chakra and touched the elephant.  Due to Lord’s grace, elephant and crocodile got relieved from curse.  Crocodile was a godly being, Hu Hu being cursed by a sage due to to become a crocodile.  All this happened according to Lord’s will.  My intellect really wonders about your ways towards your devotees, Lord.  May you remove all my ignorances.  Bowing the all pervading lord for his unexplainable powers.

Gadwanganenna dharaneesannu kaankoru mu-

huurthena nee gathi koduppanumendu vidhi

Ottalla ninkalikalippole thangalil vi-

Rudhangalaayavagal; narayanaya nama:

Khadvanga, the king was given liberation in very short time, what was that fate? There is no end to your plays like these which are contradictory.  all pervading lord, salutation.

King Khadvanga was a great devotee of Lord.  Once after helping the devas in war with asuras, he came to know his human life is about to end.  He did not get interested in any of the pleasures offered by devas in Heaven.  He came back to his country and handed the rule to his son.  He then immersed in meditation and within an hour, he got liberated and left the body.  On account of the earlier said story of Indradyumna and Hu Hu and this one about Khadvanga and numerous other stories may make one feel Lord’s actions are contradictory and there is no end to this.  But, in reality everything happens according to one’s fruits of actions.  Once surrender to Lord and by his grace, done self-inquiry and attained the self-realization, all fruits of actions get destroyed and individual soul realizes its unity with divine soul and gets liberated.  Bowing the all pervading lord for his divine will.

Garvichu vannooru jarasandhanoduyudhi

Chovvode nilpathinnu poora ninakku balam

Avvaridhou dahanabaanam thoduthathu thi-

lapippathinnu mathi Narayanaya nama:

Proudly came Jarasandha for fight, to stand against him you are not strong enough, though in vast ocean without shore seen, you shot dahanabanam (agneyasthram) to boil it.  all pervading lord, salutation.

In Krishna avatar, when Jarasandha proudly came for fighting, Lord Krishna ran away making us feel he don’t have strength to fight with Jarasandha.  But, in Rama avatar, when Varuna, lord of ocean didn’t gave way towards Lanka, Lord Rama had strength to use Agneyasthra and boil the water in that vast ocean.  Lord has his own ways of action in different situations, what a wonder!  Bowing the all pervading lord for his unique divine ways.

Kharmmathapam Kulirnilavennu Thambiyodu

Chemme Paranju Nija Pathnim Piranjalavu

Thannethiranju Marukicha Mrugakshikale

Vrindavanathiladha Narayanaya Nama:

Scorching heat is felt instead of cooling moonlight, said to brother as he missed his wife, though love stricken maidens of Vridavan searched for him had been neglected by him.  all pervading lord, salutation.

During Rama avathar, on missing his wife, Sita, Rama was so much worried that he said his brother, Lakshmana that he feels the cooling moonlight to be the scorching heat of sun.  But, during Krishna avathar, Krishna attracted maidens of Vrindavan towards him and as they got much attracted towards him, he disappeared making the maidens search him all over Vrindavan.  Lord has unique emotional reactions in different situations, what a wonder!  Bowing the all pervading lord for his unique reactions.

Ngaanam Thudangiyudan Anjaksharangulude-

yoonam Varuthiyoru Nakthamcharikku Batha,

Koonoru Dasiye Manognagiyakkiyathu-

monnalleyalu Hari Narayanaya Nama:

From “nga” to “ma”- 5 alphabet’s recitation had been made distorted in a demon lady, while a hunched back maid had been made beautiful.  The one who did those is the same person, Hari himself.  all pervading lord, salutation.

During Rama avathar, Shoorpanaka, Ravana’s sister lovingly approached Rama and Lakshmana.  As both of them refused her wish, she got angry and tried to attack Sita.  Rama then ordered Lakshmana to cut ears, nose, breasts and he did it and deformed her.  While, during Krishna avathar, as Krishna saw a woman with hunched back going with sandalwood paste for Kamsa, he made her beautiful.  Both of these incidents are done to two different women by the same Lord in two incarnations, what a wonder!  Bowing the all pervading lord for his unique approaches.

Chammattipoondu Kadingaanum Murukkiyuda-

nindrathmajannu Yudhi Therpoottininnu Batha

Chemme Maranjoru Saram Kondu Konnathu-

morindrathmajanne Harinarayanaya Nama:

As a charioteer, holding the whip strongly and riding the chariot in war for a son of Indra, while finely hiding and with an arrow, killed another son of Indra is you, Lord Hari.  all pervading lord, salutation.

During Mahabharata war, Krishna was on Pandava’s side.  He worked as a charioteer holding the whip and rode the chariot for Arjuna who is the son of Indra.  While, during Rama avathar, to help Sugreeva, Rama killed Baali by hiding himself finely.  Baali is also a son of Indra.  This incident also shows the Lord’s unique ways of actions.  Bowing the all pervading lord for his unique actions.

Channathvamaarnna Kanalpole Niranjulakil

Minnunna Ninmahimayarkkum Thirikkaruthu

Annennu Kandathine Vazhthunna Maamunika-

lennathra Thonni Harinarayanaya Nama:

shining like splinter and covering the universe effulgently, your glory is unexplainable by anyone.  What is seen each day is glorified by wise sages, feels like so Lord Hari.  all pervading lord, salutation.

Fire is hidden in a splinter, making the splinter shine.  Like that universe is shining in Lord’s glory, entire world is effulgent covered by the Lord’s light.  Due to the high effulgence, no one is able to explain the lord fully.  It is felt like sages are describing what each of them sees and experience at a particular time.  Due to delusion born from Lord, individuals cannot describe the glory of Lord fully, yet what is described is helping the seekers to reach the Lord.  Bowing the all pervading lord on his effulgent glory.

Janthukkalullil Vilasseedunna Ninnudaya

Bandham Vidathe Paripoornaathmana Sathatham

Thanthou Maniprakara Bhedhangalpole Para-

menthenthu Jaathamiha Narayanaya Nama:

Within all beings you are present without any limits and in completeness always, like the same thread which commonly passes through different beads and differences are felt here.  all pervading lord, salutation.

Lord is all the time present in all beings in the heart in completeness.  It is like the same thread passing through different beads in a necklace.  Each bead differs in their external appearance, but are the same and the same thread connects them to form the necklace.  This is similar to the presence of Lord in all beings who differ from each other in external appearance yet are the same internally and living in the universe.  Bowing the all pervading lord for his constant presence in all beings.

Jjangaaranadamiva Yogeendrarullilumo-

roothunna Geethagalilum Paalpayodhiyulum

Aakasaveedhiyilum Onnayi Niranjarulu-

maanandaroopa Harinarayanaya Nama:

magnificent musical sounds heard within great yogis, as various ragas in songs, in the ocean of milk, in the path of sky, fully filled as one in blissful form is Lord Hari.  all pervading lord, salutation.

Lord Hari’s omnipresence in the form of bliss is felt in magnificent musical sounds heard by great yogis within them in peaceful silence, as various melodious ragas in songs, soothing sound of ocean, vibrating sound in sky (when both ears are closed, one can hear this sound within).  Bowing the all pervading lord for his omnipresent nature.

Jnanennum Easwaranithennum Valarnnalavu

Jnanadwayangal Palathundayathinnu Matha

Moham Nimitham, Ithupogum Prakaaramathu

Chethassilaaka Mama Hari Narayanaya Nama:

I am this, god is this – grown this dual knowledge and different things due to ego and desire.  To remove it, appear in the whole mind my Hari Narayana.  all pervading lord, salutation.

Due to ego and desires, dual feeling grown and felt I and god are separate and then all differences are felt .  This creates confusion, fear, and attachment to transient pleasures.  Dear lord please remove this illusion by appearing in my mind (heart).  Bowing the all pervading lord for his monistic nature.

Tangam Kurangavumeduthittu Paathiyudal

Shangam Radhangavumeduthittu Paathiyudal

Ekaaksharam Thava Hi Roopam Ninappavannu

Pokunnu Mohavazhi Narayanaya Nama:

Axe and deer being held by half body, conch and holy wheel held by half body, eternal one form of yours when one thinks of removes the illusion.  all pervading lord, salutation.

In Sankaranaryana swaroopam, Lord’s half body represent Siva holding axe and deer while the other half represent Vishnu holding conch and wheel.  One who meditates on this Sankaranarayana swaroopam, his/her illusion of duality will disappear.  Sankaranarayana swaroopam represents “parabhrahama” and “om.”  Meditating either on Sankaranarayana swaroopam or om is very auspicious for removal of all illusions.  Bowing the all pervading lord for his power of taking any forms to remove devotees’ illusions.

Ttaayangal Geethamiva Naadaprayogamuda-

negasrutheengalorumikkunnapole Param

Ekaaksharathilithadangunnu Sarvavu-

mithaakaasa Sookshmathanu Narayanaya Nama:

Notes and ragas of musical composition merge together in one sruthi (of music), likewise in one alphabet everything merges microscopically as in formless space.  all pervading lord, salutation.

Various notes and ragas of musical composition merges in one sruthi and produce beautiful song.  Likewise, in eternal consciousness (parabrahmam) which is represented by “Om” – monosyllable mantra, everything merges as in formless space without any separate identity.  These lines also explains about non-duality.  Bowing the all pervading lord for his non-dual nature.

Dambathidoshamudan Ettum Kalanju Hrudhi

Mumbe Nijaasanamuracheka Naadiyude

Kambam Kalanju Nilayaarum Kadappathinnu

Thumbangal Theerkka Hari Narayanaya Nama:

Starting from pride, emergently remove the eight bad characters from heart and sitting firmly in a posture, removing the impurities from nerve points, crossing the six levels, please remove the difficulties Lord, remover of all ignorances.  all pervading lord, salutation.

Pride, competitiveness, attachment, hatred, desire, anger, greed, delusion are the eight bad characters.  When mind is filled is filled with these bad characters, it clouds the divineness in heart.  By chanting lord’s names, performing rituals, doing self enquiry, etc. these bad qualities can be removed.  Once the mind clears and divineness in heart is felt, one can sit in a posture comfortable to him/her and do pranayama (conscious breathing) to clear the blocks in nerve points.  Once the blocks are cleared, it will be easier for prana (life force) to cross the six levels of energy centers (mooladhara, swadhishtana, manipooraka, anaata, vishudha and ajna) and reach the brain center (sahasrarapadma) and one attains the liberation.  This is yogic way of raising the kundalini power to attain liberation.  Lord’s grace is being asked to achieve all these.  Bowing the all pervading lord for removal of impurities from mind and attain liberation.

Dakkaamrudanga Thudithaalangal poleyuda-

norkkamathinnilayilennedamorthu Mama

Nilkunnathilla Manamalanabadhakari

Theen Kandapole Hari Narayanaya Nama:

Sounds similar to drum, mrudanga, thudi and metal clasps are heard soon, thinking about which, my mind is eager like a tied elephant who has seen the far away food.  Oh remover of all ignorances, all pervading lord, salutation.

When the kundalini power rises and reaches the sahasrarapadma, various heavenly sounds similar to that of drum, mrudanga, thudi and metal clasps are heard.  Thinking about that far away experience, my mind is eager like a tied elephant who is trying to release itself as it has seen the far away food.  Bowing the all pervading lord for giving heavenly experiences to yogis.

Nathvaam Varum Parichu Karmavyapaayamiha

Madhye Bhavikkilumathillengilum Kimapi

Thathwaadhiyil Paramudhichooru Bodhamathu

Chithe Vareendathiha Narayanaya Nama:

Eternal bliss resulting from release from all actions, in the middle happening or not, that which had risen at the beginning of external truth as consciousness, let it felt within heart.  all pervading lord, salutation.

One experience eternal bliss/liberation once released from all actions.  Rare ones experience it easily, some gradually with time and some at the end of life span.  The ones who gracefully get oneself released from all actions while living in the body are called jeevanmukta.  Everyone may not be able to experience such, and whether it happens in the middle or not, may the realization of the self as pure consciousness eternally pure, free and blissful remain within the heart forever.  Bowing the all pervading lord as the giver of self-realization.

Thatwaarthamitham Akhilathinnumundu Batha

Shabdangalullil Vilaseedunnu Paarkkilada

Mukthikku Kaaranamathe Shabdamennu Thava

Vaakyangal Thanne Hari Narayanaya Nama:

The deep meaning of this is in everything, inside the sounds it is there and felt if observed well and this same sound is the reason for liberation – as per the word of you oh remover of all ignorances!  all pervading lord, salutation.

On doing self-enquiry, one could realize it is the same lord present in the heart of everything in universe and universe itself is lord.  The sensation of sound is so profound that when focused on, one can experience the divineness.  Here, the sound means Aum-Omkara, the monosyllable mantra from which everything rises, sustains and dissolves.  Full focused chanting of om leads one to silence the active mind and realize the self and thereby experience the liberation.  These are from Vedas which are the words of Lord himself.  Bowing the all pervading lord as the form of Omkara – aksharaparabhrahman.

Dhallinnu Meethe Paramillennumorthumuda-

Nellarodum Kuthari Vaapesiyum Sapadi

Thallipurapedum Ahambuddhikondu Batha

Kollunnu Nee Chilare Narayanaya Nama:

There is no world beyond this thinking of which argues with everyone with words and goes forward with pride, some people being killed by you, lord.  all pervading lord, salutation.

Some people are so arrogant and proud and think they know everything and argue and shout with everyone.  Due to pride, some strongly thinks they are body and then their mind relates with all senses and wanders in world.  For them the precious human life gets wasted experiencing sensual pleasures and forgetting the real purpose of human life – self-realization.  The ignorance arising from pride kills such ones.  Bowing the all pervading lord for in the form of fate.

Dhambhaya Vanmaramathinnullil Ninnu Chila

Kombum Thalirthavadhiyillatha Kaaykanikal

Enpeerilotharukil Vaazhayvathinnu Gathi

Ninpaada Bhakthi Hari Narayanaya Nama:

Egoism is a big tree from which some branches grow and give birth to numerous seeds and fruits, for not covering me this, devotion to your feet is the only way, oh remover of all ignorances.  All pervading lord, salutation.

Egoism makes one think one is important than everything, egoism arises from deep attachment to the body.  From egoism, numerous other bad habits arises like desire, anger, greed, hatred, jealousy etc. and it misleads a person towards different good and bad experiences.  Author symbolically compares egoism to a big tree from which braches of bad habits arises resulting in good and bad experiences in the form of seed and fruits.  Egoism along with the numerous bad habits covers one’s real divine nature.  Egoism is the root of all problems which puts one in the cycle of birth and death.  I am afraid of egoism and its ill effects.  Devotion to your holy feet is the only way to get rid of it.  Bowing the all pervading lord as the sole dependence in face of any difficulties.

Dhanyohamennum Athimaanyohammennum Athi

Punyangal Cheytha Purushan Jnanithennumithi

Ennalla Kaankoru Kodungaadu Dhambhamaya-

monnichukoodiyathu Narayanaya Nama:

I am lucky, I am respectable, I am the man who have done lots of good deeds – like these seen a dense forest of egoism growing together.  All pervading lord, salutation.

Some person become pride thinking they have lots of money and luck, have respectable place in society, have done lots of good deeds.  These thoughts increase the egoism and it grows like a dense dark forest covering the light of one’s divine self.  Ignorant people do not realize this.  Bowing the all pervading lord who in the form of soul present in all living beings.

Nannayi Dahichoru Sahasradharayil-

Thanneettil Nin Karuna Vanmaaripeythu Puna:

Munnam Mulacha Thava Bhakthikku Cherkkavala-

Minne Krupaanilaya Narayanaya Nama:

Well extinguished by the flow of thousands of fire flames, your grace showered like a big rainfall.  Earlier germinated my devotion towards you may get nourishment from it graceful lord!  All pervading lord, salutation.

In the fire of knowledge, all ignorances of body and false ego get extinguished.  As a yogi, with the help of breath cleanses himself and raises the Kundalini power which like fire extinguish all ignorances and cleanses the practitioner.  Thus the mind gets inactive and one experiences the bliss in himself.  It is the big shower of grace.  Oh graceful lord, devotion to you which is already germinated in my heart may grow into a big tree in the flow of your grace.  Once the focus is made towards the eternal presence of lord in one’s heart with love and devotion, lord gracefully strengthen and stabilize the devotion.  Bowing the all pervading lord whose grace strengthen our devotion.

Palathum Paranju Pakalkalayunna Naavu Thava

Thirunaama Keerthanamithathinayi Vareenamiha

Kaliyaya Kaalamithilathukondu Mokshagathi

Yeluthennu Kelppu Hari Naryanaya Nama:

Talking irrelevantly and wasting daytime, the tongue, may it recite your divine names.  In this period of Kali, this brings the liberation easily, hear it.  Oh the remover of all ignorances, all pervading lord, salutation.

During daytime, tongue does irrelevant talks and waste time.  in Kali yuga, it is easy to caught into illusions and thereby fall into various sufferings.  May all understand, the easiest method to get liberated from the hands of Kali is by reciting the divine names of Lord.  It is said in “Kalisantharanopanisad” that the mantra “Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare” is to be recited as a remedy for all the problems caused in Kali.  This mantra is given by Lord Brahma to Narada.  Lord Brahma says anyone can recite this mantra at anywhere anytime.  One who recites this mantra will get rid of all sins.  Bowing the all pervading lord who is always a remedy for any problem encountered by the beings.

Phalamillayathe mama vasamakkolla Jagathi

Malamootramaaya Thati Palanaaliruthiyudan

Alavillayatha Velivakameyudippathinnu

Kalayathe Kaalamiha Narayanaya Nama:

Without fruitful, thinking of my world; feces and urine filled body kept here long, unlimited light to arise within, do not waste time.  all pervading lord, salutation.

this world is ever changing and so are the activities done here along with the results.  The body which is living in this world is made of five elements and filled with feces and urine.  Thinking oneself as body and everything relating to body gives happiness, one feels attached towards transient things around.  Oh lord, please do not make me waste time here in ignorance.  May you help realize the unlimited light of consciousness within me.  Bowing the all pervading lord who helps one realize the self as unlimited consciousness.

Bandhukkalartha Gruha Puthradhijaalamathil

Bandhichavannulakil Ninthathwamokkeyithu

Andhannu Kaattiyoru Kannaadipole Varu-

Mennakkola Mama Cha Narayanaya Nama:

Relatives, money, house, son, etc. are the worldly things in which one gets bound making him blind towards the truth of you lord.  it will be like showing a blind person mirror.  May the same not happen to me.  all pervading lord, salutation.

One takes birth in the body and later on develops relation with own body, mother, father, relatives, money, house, son, daughter etc.  Getting happiness from these one gets attached to these.  Even though these give one sadness in between, one forgets it and again gets attached towards them thinking it will give one happiness.  It is the common worldly nature which majority follows blindly.  those blind ones could not realize the presence of lord in oneself and everything.  Even though scriptures and masters of different ages shows them the truth, they were unable to realize this and this is like showing a mirror to blind man.  My dear lord, may the same not happen with me.  Bowing the all pervading lord who helps in clearing one’s inner vision.

Bakshippathinnu Guhapole Pilarnnu Mukha-

Mayyo Kruthanthaniha Pinpe Nadannu Mama

Ethunna Durdurathode Pinpeyoru

Sarppam Kanakke Hari Narayanaya Nama:

To eat, alas! cave like mouth is opened by death and following me like the frog being followed by snake.  Oh remover of all ignorances, all pervading lord, salutation.

As one enjoys sensual pleasures each day, life spans diminishes, death is always following.  Not realizing this, one gets more and more attracted towards sense gratification.  This can be compared to a frog who was trying to catch a pray being followed by a snake to swallow it.  Oh dear lord, remove my ignorances about this body and its conditioned nature towards sense gratification.  Bowing the all pervading lord who is the saver from the cycle of birth and death.

Manningal Vanniha Pirannannuthottu Puna-

renthoonnu Vaangmanasadehangal Cheythathum

Endinnu Melilathumellam Ninakku Hrudhi

Santhoshamaayi Varika Narayanaya Nama:

I born in earth, from that time onwards what I did with words, mind and body and what all I will be doing in future, that too give happiness to your heart.  All pervading lord, salutation.

From the day I born in earth I am doing various deeds through words, mind and body and in future also I will doing different deeds.  May I do all those deeds as a devotional service to you without getting attached towards the deed or think that I am the doer, I am the enjoyer.  As I do all the deeds with such an attitude, I will be experiencing happiness of you in my heart.  Bowing the all pervading lord who always resides in all hearts in the form of unlimited happiness.

Yathonnu Kaanmathathu Narayana Prathima

Yathonnu Kelppathathu Narayana Sruthikal

Yathonnu Cheyvathathu Narayanaarchanakal

Yathonnathokke Hari Narayanaya Nama:

Whatever is seen is Narayana sculpture.  Whatever heard are Narayana’s sounds.  Whatever done are Narayana’s rituals.  Whatever is here, that is all you, oh remover of all ignorances!  All pervading lord, salutation.

Whatever is seen with the eyes is the form of Narayana.  Whatever is heard with the ears is all the voice of Narayana.  Whatever is done with this body is all devotional ritual to Narayana.  Whatever is here in this world is all you, Narayana.  Through lord’s grace, one will be able to realize whatever one comes in contact with the senses is lord himself.  Lord is always present everywhere.  Bowing the all pervading lord who showers grace on devotees to see him in everything.

Ravikodithulyamoru Chakram Karathiliha

Phaniraajaneppozhumirippan Kidappathinnum

Aniyunnathokke Vanamaaladi Kousthubhavu-

makame Bhajippathinu Narayanaya Nama:

Billions of suns-like opulent wheel in your hands, Phaniraja (Anandan) is always there to sit and lied on, wearing always the wild garlands and Kousthubha (a precious diamond) may be seen within to worship.  All pervading lord, salutation.

Majority of people needs a form and name to do worship.  Some from the name and form progresses towards the presence of lord which is not limited in name and form.  Advaithis, Vishishtadvaithis and Dvaithis have different opinions regarding this.  Anyway, for a beginner, it is good to start worshipping lord in form with wheel in hands with effulgence equal to billions of suns, lying on Ananda and wearing garlands of wild flowers and previous diamond Kousthubha.  Bowing the all pervading lord who appears in the heart of devotees in most beautiful form.

Laksham Prakaaramodu Srishttippathinnumathu

Rakshippathinnumathu Shikshippathinnumiha

Vikshepamaavaranameerandu Shakthikala-

theengennudichu Hari Narayanaya nama:

Like lakhs can be created and protected and decomposed, here vikshepam and aavaranam are two powers arose from you, oh remover of all ignorances!  All pervading lord, salutation.

From lord (parabrahma), everything is created, everything sustains there and everything dissolves.  One experiences the creation, protection and dissolution through two powers vikshepam and aavaranam.  Aavaranam is power which veils the presence of lord in oneself.  Vishepam is power which creates different thoughts in a living being followed by different actions and results.  Both of these are illusions causing the living being to forget the ever presence of lord in the heart.  Only through grace of lord and realizing one’s true self, one will experience presence of lord in the heart.  Bowing the all pervading lord whose grace removes powerful illusions.

Vadanam Namukku Shikivasanangal sandhyaKalu-

mudaram Namukku Dadhiulakezhurandumiha

Bhuvnam Namakku Shiva Nethrangal Raathripakal

Akame Bhavippathinnu Narayanaya Nama:

Face (mouth), for us, is fire; dawn and dusk are dresses; ocean, for us, is stomach; world of 7×2 (14) is our house.  Oh auspicious one, two eyes are day and night – may we realize this within.  All pervading lord, salutation.

To the seeker of Brahman who would strongly desires to realize self as Brahman, fire is the Brahman’s mouth.  The changing of dawn and dusk are Brahman’s changing of clothes.  Ocean is the stomach of Brahman.  The 14 worlds (Seven higher worlds plus seven lower worlds.  Seven higher worlds are bhu, bhuva, svar, mahas, janas, tapas, and satya.  Seven lower worlds are atala, vitala, sutala, rasaataala, talatala, mahaatala, paatala) are the house of Brahman.  For the auspicious one, Brahman, day and night are the two eyes.  This is the Virat form of lord.  Meditating on this Virat form of lord, helps the seeker to realize the Brahman per scriptures.  Bowing the all pervading lord in the all pervading Virat form.

Shakthikkuthakka Vazhiyitham Bhajippavanu

Bhakthya Videha Drudaviswasamodumatha

Bhakthya Kadannu Thava Trikkal Pidippathina-

yaykkunnathennu Hari Narayanaya Nama:

Depending on one’s strength, to choose the way to worship devotedly and strongly believe one is not body and devotedly get hold of your divine feet, when will you allow, oh remover of all ignorances!  All pervading lord, salutation.

Among different paths, depending on one’s strength one may choose to worship lord by practicing “Om” chanting and meditation or in the form and name as in temples/houses etc or in the form of Virat like that.  Everyone has the freedom to choose which form of worship to choose to realize the self.  Through any of the paths, one should realize and strongly believe one is not this body and one is soul and then through soul one should realize the ever presence of lord in soul.  Oh dear lord, remover of all ignorances, when will you allow me to have this experience!  Bowing the all pervading lord as the soul of soul.

Shadvairigalkku Vilayattathinnakkaruthu

Chittaambujam Mama Thavaasthaanarangamithu

Thathrapi Nithyavumorikkal Irunnarulka

Viswaikavandya Hari Narayanaya Nama:


For the six enemies to establish their playfield in lotus of my heart, do not allow, that is your ruling place.  There, daily sit once, respected by the whole universe, oh remover of all ignorances!  All pervading lord, salutation.


Six enemies like Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha and Mathsarya attacks the heart and establish the heart as their playfield.  The lotus center of heart is the ruling place of lord.  Oh lord, please sit in my heart daily at least once for me to see.  Lord’s grace can uproot any enemies.  Bowing the all pervading lord as the destroyer of all enemies.


Sathyam Vadaami Mama Bruthyadi vargamathu-

martham Kalathragruhaputhradijaalamathum

Okke Thawdarppanamathaakkeettu jnanumiha

Thrikkaalkkal Veenu Hari Narayanaya Nama:

I am telling truth my servants, money, wife, house, son and everything are surrendered to you and I too am falling to your divine feet oh remover of all ignorances!  All pervading lord, salutation.

Oh dear Lord, I am telling the truth – I am surrendering everything to you including my servants, money, wife, house, son and at last myself too.  I am falling onto your divine feet in surrender.  Understanding the transitory nature of world seen along with the relationships and one’s hardly earned wealth, and these would not give ever-lasting happiness, one will be able to surrender onto lord’s divine feet.  Lord is the only ever-lasting happiness.  Bowing the all pervading lord and surrendering myself onto your divine lotus feet.

Haranum Virinjanumithamaraadhinaayakanu-

mariyunnathilla Thava Marimaayathan Mahima

Arivaymuthal Karalilorupole Ninnarulum

Parajeevanil Thelika Narayanaya Nama:

Siva, Brahmav and Devendra does not know the grandness of your divine powers.  From the beginning present as consciousness in heart in equanimity and bliss, may enlighten the soul.  All pervading lord, salutation.

Lord Narayana’s divine powers are so grant and unlimited that even Siva, Brahmav and Devendra does not know it completely.  Presenting as consciousness from the beginning in the heart equanimously without getting affected from anything, may you enlighten this soul to experience you, supreme lord.  Lord’s grace enlightens the individual soul to experience the supreme soul – paramatma within it.  Bowing the all pervading lord with unlimited grand powers which no one can understand completely.

La*thwamkalarnnithu Lakaarathinaparichu

Tathwam Ninakkiloru Jeevatvamullu Thava

Kathunna Ponmanivilakkenna Pole Hrudi

Nilkkunna Nadha Hari Narayanaya Nama:

“La*” merged into “La,” like that if inquired the truth, the truth of soul shines like a golden lamp in heart as the ever present Lord, oh remover of all ignorances! All pervading lord, salutation.

In Sanskrit language, the weaker pronunciation of alphabet “La*” merged into stronger pronunciation of another alphabet “La” (pronunciations different).  Similarly if enquired the truth, we will be able to realize know, the truth shines like a golden lamp in our hearts as soul and this individual soul is a part of the supreme soul and not apart from that.  May lord remove the ignorances which make one belief it differently.  Bowing the all pervading lord of whom all beings are part of.

NOTE:     *There are 51 letters in Sanskrit and Malayalam language.  It is a real challenge to translate Sanskrit/Malayalam to English language which is having 26 letters.  With lord’s grace, I am trying the best to translate each word without losing the beauty and meaning.  May the knowledgable ones in Sanskrit/Malayalam, kindly forgive the errors.



Ariyavathalla Thava Paramaksharasyaporul

Ariyarumaayvarika Narayanaya Nama:

From the undestroyable letter, the 7 alphabets rose, says the people, yet do not know your eternal undestroyable truth.  May we be able to realize it.  All pervading lord, salutation.

“Om” is the monosyllable mantra which represents parabrahma.  It is undestroyable.  The meaning of aksharam (alphabet) in Sanskrit is without ksharam, i.e., without destruction.  It is from Om, every alphabet came.  Here, the glory of 7 alphabetical mantra “Narayanaya nama:” is mentioned (NA-RA-YA-NA-YA-NA-MA).  This mantra also has its birth from parabrahma – Om as per the opinion of wise men.  Yet, even they too are unable to know the completeness of parabrahma – Om.  Lord’s grace is being asked to realize this.  Bowing the all pervading lord in the form of undestroyable alphabets.

Karunaapayodhi Mama Gurunaadhaneesthuthiye

Viravodu Paarthu Pizha Vazhipole Theertharulka

Durithaabdhithan Naduvil Mariyunnavarkkuparam

Oru Pothamaay Varika Narayanaya Nama:

Ocean of kindness, my teacher, may check this prayer carefully and correct the mistakes aptly.  To those who are drowning in the sea of sufferings, let this become a ship.  All pervading lord, salutation.

May my teacher who is an ocean of kindness check this prayer carefully and aptly correct the mistakes.  May this become a ship to those who are drowning in the sea of sufferings to escape.  Bowing the all pervading lord in the form of teacher who always guides and corrects the student.

Madamathsaaradhikal Manassil Thodaathe Jana-

mithukondu Vaazhthuka Namukkum Gathikkuvazhi

Ithu Kelkkathaanithorumozhithaan Padippavanum

Pathiya Bhavambudhiyil Narayanaya Nama:

Pride, competition etc. does not touch the mind of people who recite this.  This will lead to my liberation too.  If one hears or learn at least one stanza of this will never fell into the ocean of sufferings.  All pervading lord, salutation.

Bad feelings like pride, competition etc. would not touch the minds of people who recites this prayer and greet lord.  This will lead to my liberation too.  If one listens to it or learn and understand the meaning of at least one stanza of this prayer will never fell into the ocean of sufferings.  Bowing the all pervading lord who made me write this.

നാരായണായ നമഃ നാരായണായ നമഃ

നാരായണായ നമഃ നാരായണായ നമഃ

നാരായണ, നരകസന്താപനാശക

ജഗന്നാഥ വിഷ്ണു ഹരി നാരായണായ നമഃ

Narayanayanama: Narayanayanama:

Narayanayanama: Narayanayanama:

Narayananaraka Santhaapanaasaka

Jagannathavishnu Hari Narayanayanama:


Bowing the feet of Narayana who through Sri. Thunjathu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan gave this splendid prayer to us.  Special thanks to Krishnan Nair sir, Manmadhan sir and Dr. George Mathew who told me to do this translation.  I also thank late Prof. Balakrishnan Nair, for whose detailed explanation of Harinamakeerthanam in Malayalam helped me in translation of the old Malayalam/Sanskrit words in this work.  May this reach the hearts of people around and all experience the eternal presence of lord in heart.


Narayanayethi Samarppayaami  ®

It is now

It is all momentary, felt intense at this moment, passes and becomes memory next moment. It cannot bound, ignorance/fear of it bounds only bound. It is gone. Living intensely in this moment, enjoying freedom and bliss. There is nothing to brood about what happened, what is being told about, what is being called forth. Nothing to be anxious about what is going to happen, what is going to be told or called forth. Just now is life, just now is everything, just now is union with bhagavan. My lord it is beautiful 🙂