YOU Vs I :)

While you enjoy being in fear
I am enjoying the heart full of love
While you like to call me Lekshmi
I like to be called on as Kaali
While you need weapons or even the body
I do not need anything
While you are irritable of me not having fear
I am laughing with the idea of fear
While you do everything to avoid death
I am in friendship with death
While you like to swim superficially to show the world
I am diving deep and not bothered of world
While you think, the resources are only for you
I believe resources are for all beings
While you crave to see skin under the clothes
I am comfortable being the skin
While you fear ferocious animals
I love them dearly
While you believe the world should be perfect
I am watching the beauty of imperfection
While you are attached to good and bad and society
I am out of the game, watching the game 🙂

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