DISCLAIMER: I am someone who watches things from different dimensions. Since majority are interested to project out the usefulness of growing technology, earning income, spirituality, etc, I observe the other sides too. You can agree or disagree, I DON’T CARE πŸ™‚

Somehow more of our people are getting so much attached to their body and the ego. Most enter their immensely valuable spirit into the metal and paper called “money” and give more importance to it than even their bodies too. For collecting this metal and paper pieces, they forget their pure untainted spirit. They spent majority of time in decorating the body, keeping the body youthful, searching different ways to enjoy sensual pleasures and falling down into the levels much below cruel animals. Metals and papers – “money” ruling them. While many devote their lives to collect these “metals and papers,” they lose the time to spent with parents/spouse/children. Seeing them, the spouse/children too search outside for love, care and recognition, which most times put them into big troubles and to others too. Even after seeing, reading and hearing about the dire consequences of over devotion to money and sensual pleasures, many people still are not learning. They say ‘IT IS NOT PRACTICAL, IT IS JUST THEORY.” These coward fools then goes to churches, temples, mosques, ashrams, spiritual organizations, etc. etc. and believe it washes away the dirt. They believe “GOD” is only in beautiful idols and the places mentioend above. The learnt and unlearnt spiritual scoundrels quoting some verses from scriptures, someone even using Psychology (Past Life Regression, Future Life Regression, Hypnosis, Kundalini Yoga, Tantric Yoga, etc. etc.). Many universities and institutions are now giving short term courses on Yoga, Tantra, Vastu, Astrology, etc. Some teach and some learn genuinely. Some see these occult subjects as an easy way to fill their pockets. These dirty filthy people then cheats the innocent people, fragile-minded people, wealthy stress-filled rich men/women, irritated young couples, Westerns etc. If you ask them, they have beautiful certificates to show you and say “I AM A CERTIFIED MASTER OF blah blah blah….”

Since “OUR GOVERNMENT” is making free Wifi available even in rural villages and mobiles available cheapely, innocent people too become corrupted on seeing only the projected positive sides on medias. They forget their energy to earn for themselves and family, warmth of loving family, taste of food lovingly cooked by mother/wife/daughter, love of parents and spouse and children, value of nature and natural products. They lose the restful sleep – precious gift of living beings while gluing their eyes in internet. TECHNOLOGY IS DEVELOPING, TECHNOLOGY IS SPREADING, ECONOMY IS GROWING HA HA HA!

I too go to temples, read and quote scriptures, uses gadgets, visit ashrams, respects all religions, but not superficially, I dive deep. My body and mind got injured too some times, but it taught me to observe the other side too. I do respect science, spirituality, money, bodily needs, politics, but I believe more in the pure untainted spirit in all beings and the right of all beings to realise the happiness in life without getting cheated.

I too am a yoga instructor, but on seeing the other side, especially people’s blind attachment to body and the greed to earn money and enjoy sensual pleasures, I lose the interest in teaching. I no more believe knowledge is in grades, degrees and certificates.


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