Saluting the guru in you, me and beyond us:

“Yasyantham nadhi Madhyam na hi kara charanam nama gothram na suthram

No jathir naiva varno na bhavathi purusho no napumsam na cha sthree

Naakaaram no vikaram na hi jani maranam nasthi punyam cha papam

No athathvam thathwamekam sahaja samarasam sadgurum tham namami”


Saluting the great Guru,

Who does not have end, beginning or middle,

Who does not have hand or feet,

Who does not have name or clan or school of thought,

Who does not have caste, colour,

Who is not either man or woman or eunuch.

Who does not have form or emotions,

Who does not have either birth or death,

Who does not have sin or good deeds,

Who is beyond principles and is one principle,

And who is friendly and tolerant

This “GURU” is in each one of us to be focused, to be recognized, to be lived. Outside gurus, scriptures, yoga postures, kriyas, pranayama, mantra chanting, meditation are all different methods to help us to look into this which is eternally in us.

Rather than understanding this and blindly seeing guru as a human/idol/demi-god and following him/her superficially is utter foolishness.

Just this very moment, on diving deep into the being of ourselves, we can find this “GURU.” It is not something outside, it is here and now, always, already available very much free 🙂

It is so simple, so beautiful 🙂

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