Melting Tears

Dear human, is it love when you want your sibling, your child, your parents blindly be a clone of your thoughts and deeds?

Dear human, if your loved ones don’t agree with you and have their own wishes, why you forcibly want them to stay, starve and die in a circle drawn by you?

Dear human? What dirty pleasure you enjoy seeing the melting tears rolling down the eyes of your dear ones due to your selfish deeds?

Dear human, what happened to you? Why you behave like this? Why could not you think if someone did it to you, how your heart could handle it?

Dear human, why didn’t you think that just a moment of your wrong thinking followed by wrong action resulted in loss of a precious human life?

Dear human, haven’t your parents, teachers, religion taught you “it is the same god resides in you and all the living beings”??

Dear human, from where and whom you learnt to discrimate a caste or a human being as superior and another one inferior??


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