Hamsa Mind




Constant thought movements are the nature of mind. Detaching from the thoughts and watching them help to calm the mind. It’s similar to compassionately watching a naughty kid. With patience and love, kid becomes calm and adorable. We too are adorable and can enjoy bliss every moment when we start doing this. Sometimes, a deep silent bliss is felt devoid of all movements. Nothing to fear in this state. It’s beautiful and heavenly. Once we enjoy this state, even in the middle of rigorous activity, pain or worries, we automatically fell into this state. In all activities of daily life, by analysing each situations and taking the good out of it (what I mean by good is what I feel good, it may not be felt good by another. So just take what you think good for you), we can enjoy the bliss, which is our very natural nature. Like the swan (hamsa) who separates and drinks milk from water, let’s drink goodness from every encounters in life.
Feels so happy to be at Puri Jagannath bhagavan and at Sankaracharya’s Govardhan peedom to be with my neelmadhava, my Harihara, my Neelakanda, my Narasimha, my Siva, my Narayana, lord of my heart 😊

Everything is Lord

I’m startled on seeing many paths in front, not certain of which path to take, closed the eyes.  I heard the whisper of lord in my heart telling me to move forward not losing focus. Superficially, paths may seem many, but goal is one. Whether it is short or long, light or dark, easy or hard or a combination of all, as the goal is fixed and heart is focused on thus, path seems secondary. The goal is lord, path is lord, all encounters are the lord, all the mysteries are the lord, questions are lord, answers are lord, good is lord, evil is lord, light is lord, dark is lord, silence is lord, violence is lord, rest is lord, movement is lord….everything is lord, nothing is separate from lord 🙂


May this age of fast life not make us impatient in everything

May this age of technical development not make us robots

May this age of artificial intelligence not make us artificial

May this age of unnecessary hypes on external beauty not make us hate our body and forget we are beautiful

May this age of internet for everything not make us forget our wisdom

May this age of mobiles and tabs not make us distant from our dear ones

May this age of social medias not make us estranged from “ourselves”

May this age of growing religious+caste+political evils not poison us

May this age of increasing violence not make us cowards

May our need for money not make us unrighteous in earning it

May we all able to stand brave for us and the needy

May we all love each other and forgive each others faults

May we all stand for ourselves and our dear ones

May we all live in love, peace, gratitude, good health

May we all able to see Almighty in hearts of us and all



Dear all beautiful women,

I’m going to tell you about a mother-in-law (she reached the heavenly abode 2 years ago). She was the mother-in-law of my friend’s friend. Yesterday, me and my friend were talking about the concerns of women with small babies who have to manage both office work and home chores along with taking care of her family and husband’s family, and while doing so, everyone takes her for granted and casually says it is normal for a Indian women and an ideal Indian women should be like this even in this new age. When I said my friend, if family is having enough earnings, women can take care of child and focus on job later, she told me about this wonderful mother-in-law who was her friend’s mother-in-law.

This old women told her daughter in law after she got her first child, “Dear, I will tell you an important thing, if you decide to quit job in order to look after child, you will be taking the bad decision in your life. A woman has value when she is independent.” Not only did she encouraged her daughter-in- law to continue her job, she helped her take care of the baby and had servant at home to do house chores. She loved her son and daughter-in-law and their kid alike.

When they got the second child in family, the daughter-in-law managed the office job, child care and house chores very well with the support of this loving mother-in-law and her husband. This angelic woman told her daughter-in-law “Dear, you both should go and celebrate an evening dine out…I will take care of the children. If you both won’t celebrate life now, when will you celebrate life, so go and enjoy.” With her mother-in-law’s support, the daughter-in-law led a happy family life.

Later when daughter-in-law’s mother died and her father became lonely, mother-in-law told her, “Dear, you should take your father here today itself. He will be living us. We are one family now.” Till she passed away, this mother-in-law was a very good, loving and caring person to her son, daughter-in-law, their children and also to daughter-in-law’s father. Daughter-in-law’s father now says “I missed a good friend of life.” This daughter-in-law loved her mother-in-law as her own mother.

Yes, this is a real incident happened in India. This women got married in her 40’s and had her son when she was 42 years old. She was born and brought up in Bangaloru and was well educated. She lived her life very well and also helped her son, daughter-in-law, their children and daughter-in-law’s father to live a happy life. I have’nt seen this woman, but with what I heard about this woman, I could see her in my heart as a goddess. She is really a precious gem of womanhood.

We women plays different roles in life. Among all roles in the world, the role of mother is the most important. A women maybe blessed with a girl child, a boy child or a transgender child and in some cases, child may be born with some congenital abnormalities, but for a real mother, the child is precious, perfect. She will love and take care of the child without any bad feelings to herself or to the child even when child is born with abnormalities and her husband, his family, relatives and society won’t understand her efforts and child’s conditions and tries to demotivate her and keeps eye on finding faults in her.

A real woman never falls into false pride if she becomes mother of a boy child. A real women wouldn’t be selfish about her son’s love, care and earnings and won’t interfere with the family life of son and torture the daughter-in-law in words or deeds. She won’t differentiate between daughter and daughter-in-law. A real women won’t waste time gossiping about the personal lives of other women. She will use her valuable time for loving and caring herself and thus, making herself able to love and care others too (when we are happy, we could make others happy too). She will motivate herself to lead a happy, healthy and peaceful life, and with her life, motivate every other women too.

Let this real story be a motivator to all of us.

My humble salute to all real women and all real mothers like this godly woman.

DIY Cold, Cough and Congestion Drink

cough drink

With changes in climate alternating with rainy and sunny days, it is easy to catch cold, cough, congestion, fever. This drink is tasty and easy to make. Sipping this warm along with rest helps you to recover soon.


Apple cider vinegar/Lemon Juice – 5 tablespoon

Honey – 2 tablespoon

Cinnamon powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Hot water – 1 cup

Grated/crushed ginger – 1 small piece

METHOD OF PREPARATION: Put the cinnamon powder in cup (If you do not have cinnamon powder, boil 1 cup water with a small piece of mildly crushed cinnamon). Add ginger, honey, apple cider vinegar and hot water. Mix well with a spoon and sip warm. Drink 3-4 times. This drink is very good to liquify the phlegm and thus relieves chest congestion.

Note: If you have sensitive stomach lining, reduce the amount of apple cider vinegar/lemon juice to 3 tablespoon. When giving to children, add more honey and water.

Stay healthy dear all 🙂

Love Unlimited

smiling angel



I love me unlimitedly
I love you unlimitedly
What happened with us till this moment is past
What is here now at this time is true
That which is gonna happen is a dream
That which is happening now though true is also a dream
Then, why fret and fume dear one?
This is all Almighty’s colorful drama
We are the actors acting per his direction
Shhh…..close the eyes and look within
Almighty, the dearest of dearest is here
Always here in the hearts of ours
Don’t worry about those who leave us
Don’t worry about those who misunderstands us
Bring the focus within the heart and see the Lord
The lord, our Almighty won’t leave us ever
He loves, cares and stands for us ever
What we need is to accept the presence and trust
Hey, it is easy to trust the one who is always in us,
Than to trust the one who is with us for few years
Once we love ourselves, we could forget the pain,
And forgive us and others and move forward fine
Thus, Oh dear ones, let us love unlimitedly,
Enjoy limitless love and bliss here and now 🙂

PHISHING – What is it? How to prevent?

Good morning dears 🙂

Most of you have heard the word “Phishing” recently and many of you know what is it. For those who do not know what it is, let me tell about it.

Phishing is a new age crime using internet. It is happening recently in increasing numbers due to wide use of internet (BIG THANKS TO OUR GOVERNMENT AND MINISTERS AND INTERNET PROVIDERS TO MAKE FREE WiFi AVAILABLE IN PUBLIC PLACES AND REMOTE AREAS), cheap price of making a website, unawareness about SAFE and MINDFUL use of internet, paperless payments (BIG THANKS TO OUR PM FOR DEMONETIZATION) and EDUCATED CRIMINALS.

Phishing is a form of identify theft in which a cyber criminal attempts to obtain our sensitive information like usernames, passwords, bank account and credit card details. Some of these criminals sent us emails, mobile text messages etc. telling us we have won millions of price money, an Iphone, need help for money transfer from their account to ours due to some reasons….etc., etc. and to provide them our bank account details, full address etc.

More recently, these criminals are getting our mobile contacts through different medias (SOME PEOPLE ARE MAKING MONEY BY SELLING PEOPLES CONTACT DETAILS – THEY COLLECT CONTACT DETAILS FROM THE MOBILE NUMBER/EMAIL/HOUSE/OFFICE ADDRESS WE GIVE FOR PRIZE DRAWS AT EXHIBITIONS, FESTIVALS, DONATION CAMPS, etc.) and call us asking to do donation for NGO for children or someone for heart operation etc. They plan the crime very well, so if we ask them more details they provide us with information of websites for us to look at and tell us they will guide us how to go through each links, what all details to fill in and then do the payment. If we are having soft heart for children and poor people, but unaware of how to distinguish genuine and fraud people, we fell in their traps.

If we go through the website mentioned by them while in call, our focus will be on call and on the website and we follow their instructions and simply our bank account/credit card details including username, password, mobile number, OTP will be in their hands.

When we look a phishing website, it may look like a genuine one. Earlier, we would have been able to distinguish a safe and unsafe website by looking at the https:// before the www. and website name followed by .com, .org, .in, .co.uk, etc. But now, these fraud people understood it and they too make websites with https:// and .com, .in, .org, etc. to cheat people. Check the entire url and not just the domain part. Check for tags like <script> etc. Phishing websites uses a domain name which looks exactly like the real one with one or two characters different. Eg: Gooogle.com instead of Google.com

Sometimes the phishing happens through Ads, Videos, etc. seen on a website. If we click on these, it may lead us to a phishing site (mostly game sites, film sites, porn sites etc).

Some cyber criminals create approximately 1.4 million phishing websites every month with fake pages designed to mimic an NGO, a job portal, etc. and replace them within hours in order to ensure they are not detected. By creating phishing websites with such short life span, cyber criminals make it hard for police authorities to find their fake web page, especially if there are no links to other sites.

1. Be aware not all people are genuine.
2. Use a good antivirus in computer, android phone and tablets (For me, Kaspersky detected many phishing sites and malwares – Thanks Kaspersky).
3. To prevent bank phishing and credit card phishing scams, you should personally check your statements regularly. Get monthly statements for your financial accounts and check each and every entry carefully to ensure no fraudulent transactions have been made without your knowledge.
4. Do a google search of the website you doubt genuineness instead of visiting the website in a jiffy. If you are lucky, your good antivirus will show you it as a phishing or genuine site (Kaspersky shows red color for phishing site and green color for genuine site) and also google will show you is it a blacklisted site, reviews and complaints of other people who have used that website earlier, etc.
5. Stay aware, alert and relaxed. Most times, the cyber criminals call us at busy working hours.
6. Use call recorder in your mobiles.
7. Whenever you are faced with such fraudulent phone calls followed by text messages, immediately sent the details to nearest cyber cell along with the call recordings and text messages sent to you by the fraud person.

NOTE: If you have other ideas to prevent phishing, please do share…sharing is caring.

Thanks for reading. Let us live and let live 🙂

Awesome information shared to me by Arjun V, Threat Hunter & VAPT at Amrita Center for Cyber Security Systems and Networks:

  • We usually label a website as a phishing website if and only if it’s masquerading as a famous website. The difference would be in the domain name or the url alone. And by that nomenclature, the other types of websites you mentioned will be labeled as fake websites.
  • Common methods used in phishing are: using a domain name which looks exactly like the real one, but with one or two characters different. Say Gooogle.com instead of Google.com Domain name looks authentic say www.google-site.com Puny code domains https://thehackernews.com/2017/04/unicode-Punycode-phishing-attack.html
  • Sometimes phishing is done by exploiting a real website’s vulnerabilities, a quite common attack vector being Cross Site Scripting attacks In these attacks the domain name would be the real one making it extremely hard to detect as malicious. But the url itself will contain payload (ie it will contain tags like <script> etc)
  • Quite a lot of phishing attacks also makes use of shortened urls using Google’s url shortner which makes it look authentic. Tell the users to make use of online services which will expand the shortened url to the long url before visiting it. http://urlex.org/
  • Puny code attacks are being increasingly used these days. And not enough blogs on phishing mention that. Even the Wikipedia page doesn’t mention it, when I checked it last time.
  • Do not click URLs sent from suspicious email ids (which are also spoofed and look like real and authentic ones).
  • Do not get tempted by all those offers and discount links people send you in WhatsApp and other messaging platforms as they are almost exclusively phishing attacks.
  • Do not put your banking information on links followed from emails. Just Google search and reach the link directly instead. For example, a lot of mails about Aadhar cards or some government project for free LPG, etc., are usually redirecting to fraud websites.
  • Do not put your work email address in any websites. For that, you can create a secondary Google account OR can even use free temporary email services available online for one time account creations (say for downloading a pdf and all).  A secondary Google account for that purpose won’t hurt either since Google allows you to create and connect any number of email accounts.

Thank you Arjun V for sharing this awesome information.



Good morning dear all 🙂

This is a small add-on piece to what I wrote yesterday – Disease Prevention Etiquettes

When I shared it through email, hangout, twitter, LinkedIn, some of you may be wondering whom I am mentioning about “our people !”

I would like to share with you a part from the story “Totto-Chan, the Little Girl at the Window” – Tetsuko Kuroyanagi (My favorite bedtime story book)

“Korean!” he shouted at Totto-chan.

His voice was scathing and full of hatred. Totto-chan was scared. She had never done anything mean to him, or even spoken to him for that matter, so she was startled when he yelled at her from above in such a spiteful way.

When she got home she told Mother about it. “Masao-chan called me a Korean,” she said.
Mother put her hand to her mouth and Totto-chan saw her eyes fill with tears. Totto-chan was perplexed, thinking it must be something very bad. Mother didn’t stop to wipe away her tears, and the tip of her nose was red. “poor child!” she said. “People must call him ‘Korean! Korean!’ so often that he thinks it’s a nasty word. He probably doesn’t understand what it means because he’s still young. He thinks it’s like baka, which people say when they mean ‘you fool.’ Masaochan has probably had ‘Korean’ said to him so often he wanted to say something nasty to somebody else, so he called you a Korean. Why are people so cruel?”

Drying her eye, Mother said to Totto-chan very slowly, “You’re Japanese and Masao-chan
comes from a country called Korea.  But he’s a child, just like you.  So, Totto-chan dear, don’t ever think of people as different. Don’t think, ‘That person’s a Japanese, or this person’s a Korean.’  Be nice to Masao-chan. It’s so sad that some people think other people aren’t nice just because they’re Koreans.”

We are all “our people” to each other, isn’t dears 🙂

Beautiful day ahead 🙂