Good morning dear all 🙂

This is a small add-on piece to what I wrote yesterday – Disease Prevention Etiquettes

When I shared it through email, hangout, twitter, LinkedIn, some of you may be wondering whom I am mentioning about “our people !”

I would like to share with you a part from the story “Totto-Chan, the Little Girl at the Window” – Tetsuko Kuroyanagi (My favorite bedtime story book)

“Korean!” he shouted at Totto-chan.

His voice was scathing and full of hatred. Totto-chan was scared. She had never done anything mean to him, or even spoken to him for that matter, so she was startled when he yelled at her from above in such a spiteful way.

When she got home she told Mother about it. “Masao-chan called me a Korean,” she said.
Mother put her hand to her mouth and Totto-chan saw her eyes fill with tears. Totto-chan was perplexed, thinking it must be something very bad. Mother didn’t stop to wipe away her tears, and the tip of her nose was red. “poor child!” she said. “People must call him ‘Korean! Korean!’ so often that he thinks it’s a nasty word. He probably doesn’t understand what it means because he’s still young. He thinks it’s like baka, which people say when they mean ‘you fool.’ Masaochan has probably had ‘Korean’ said to him so often he wanted to say something nasty to somebody else, so he called you a Korean. Why are people so cruel?”

Drying her eye, Mother said to Totto-chan very slowly, “You’re Japanese and Masao-chan
comes from a country called Korea.  But he’s a child, just like you.  So, Totto-chan dear, don’t ever think of people as different. Don’t think, ‘That person’s a Japanese, or this person’s a Korean.’  Be nice to Masao-chan. It’s so sad that some people think other people aren’t nice just because they’re Koreans.”

We are all “our people” to each other, isn’t dears 🙂

Beautiful day ahead 🙂

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