Dear all beautiful women,

I’m going to tell you about a mother-in-law (she reached the heavenly abode 2 years ago). She was the mother-in-law of my friend’s friend. Yesterday, me and my friend were talking about the concerns of women with small babies who have to manage both office work and home chores along with taking care of her family and husband’s family, and while doing so, everyone takes her for granted and casually says it is normal for a Indian women and an ideal Indian women should be like this even in this new age. When I said my friend, if family is having enough earnings, women can take care of child and focus on job later, she told me about this wonderful mother-in-law who was her friend’s mother-in-law.

This old women told her daughter in law after she got her first child, “Dear, I will tell you an important thing, if you decide to quit job in order to look after child, you will be taking the bad decision in your life. A woman has value when she is independent.” Not only did she encouraged her daughter-in- law to continue her job, she helped her take care of the baby and had servant at home to do house chores. She loved her son and daughter-in-law and their kid alike.

When they got the second child in family, the daughter-in-law managed the office job, child care and house chores very well with the support of this loving mother-in-law and her husband. This angelic woman told her daughter-in-law “Dear, you both should go and celebrate an evening dine out…I will take care of the children. If you both won’t celebrate life now, when will you celebrate life, so go and enjoy.” With her mother-in-law’s support, the daughter-in-law led a happy family life.

Later when daughter-in-law’s mother died and her father became lonely, mother-in-law told her, “Dear, you should take your father here today itself. He will be living us. We are one family now.” Till she passed away, this mother-in-law was a very good, loving and caring person to her son, daughter-in-law, their children and also to daughter-in-law’s father. Daughter-in-law’s father now says “I missed a good friend of life.” This daughter-in-law loved her mother-in-law as her own mother.

Yes, this is a real incident happened in India. This women got married in her 40’s and had her son when she was 42 years old. She was born and brought up in Bangaloru and was well educated. She lived her life very well and also helped her son, daughter-in-law, their children and daughter-in-law’s father to live a happy life. I have’nt seen this woman, but with what I heard about this woman, I could see her in my heart as a goddess. She is really a precious gem of womanhood.

We women plays different roles in life. Among all roles in the world, the role of mother is the most important. A women maybe blessed with a girl child, a boy child or a transgender child and in some cases, child may be born with some congenital abnormalities, but for a real mother, the child is precious, perfect. She will love and take care of the child without any bad feelings to herself or to the child even when child is born with abnormalities and her husband, his family, relatives and society won’t understand her efforts and child’s conditions and tries to demotivate her and keeps eye on finding faults in her.

A real woman never falls into false pride if she becomes mother of a boy child. A real women wouldn’t be selfish about her son’s love, care and earnings and won’t interfere with the family life of son and torture the daughter-in-law in words or deeds. She won’t differentiate between daughter and daughter-in-law. A real women won’t waste time gossiping about the personal lives of other women. She will use her valuable time for loving and caring herself and thus, making herself able to love and care others too (when we are happy, we could make others happy too). She will motivate herself to lead a happy, healthy and peaceful life, and with her life, motivate every other women too.

Let this real story be a motivator to all of us.

My humble salute to all real women and all real mothers like this godly woman.

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