Hamsa Mind




Constant thought movements are the nature of mind. Detaching from the thoughts and watching them help to calm the mind. It’s similar to compassionately watching a naughty kid. With patience and love, kid becomes calm and adorable. We too are adorable and can enjoy bliss every moment when we start doing this. Sometimes, a deep silent bliss is felt devoid of all movements. Nothing to fear in this state. It’s beautiful and heavenly. Once we enjoy this state, even in the middle of rigorous activity, pain or worries, we automatically fell into this state. In all activities of daily life, by analysing each situations and taking the good out of it (what I mean by good is what I feel good, it may not be felt good by another. So just take what you think good for you), we can enjoy the bliss, which is our very natural nature. Like the swan (hamsa) who separates and drinks milk from water, let’s drink goodness from every encounters in life.
Feels so happy to be at Puri Jagannath bhagavan and at Sankaracharya’s Govardhan peedom to be with my neelmadhava, my Harihara, my Neelakanda, my Narasimha, my Siva, my Narayana, lord of my heart 😊

5 thoughts on “Hamsa Mind

  1. Beautifully written…😊😊😊I feel that our characters resemble each other..

  2. Beautiful post and timeless wisdom – Thank You for letting us share in the bliss of His Darshan. All the Shiva Lingams with bilva patra worship look so auspicious as well. Thank you! Thank you! Feel blessed today. πŸ™‚

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