This is the moment of renewal

It is just here and now

Breathe in the fresh air

Feel the energy in each cells

Each second is a chance of renewal

Slow down, look within and feel it now 🙂





Ramayana in 108 verses – a masterpiece by Sunith



1. Born to Dashratha,  King of Ayodhya
Rama, the eldest among four sons
cheerful, loved by all, and yet so humble
a great son to a great father was he.

2. Rama of Kausalya and Bharata of Kaikeyi
Lakshmana and Shatrughana of Sumitra
four pillars of strength to the King Dashratha
Ayodhya glowed with due resplendence.

3. In those days the earth was abound with
the rakshashas, the so called demons
who created fear wherever they roamed
in holy saints and mighty human kings.

4. Their king,  Ravana who ruled Lanka
with great warriors in his army
he had subdued even the devas
on account of boons got from Brahma.

5. With his son Indrajith, a  warrior
master of black magic and many astras
with his maya powers was unconquerable
even Indra got defeated by him.

6. Ravana had asked immunity from gods
the gandharvas and the yakshas
as boons from…

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In Union Always


With the love and care I have for you I am suggesting this and that
I just don’t bother about the time or energy expenditure
I came out of the shell of mine to stand with you
It took me some time for it, but
when I see you are comfortable in the uncomfortableness
What more can I do
I am learning to love in detachment
For I love you and not wanna make waves in the sacred space in you
Even though I wish I could live the life in you
It’s against the nature and so can’t I
May you realize I’m always here for you
In the silent sacred space beyond time and world-
We are always in union

Seeing God

In my childhood, living with grand parents, I heard lots of stories about God, especially about Lord Krishna. That is the only base and treasure I have till now – the believe that God is always with me, God is present in everything in stone, in all living beings, in movements and in rest. The pictures which my grandmother draw in my heart came alive in dreams. As I grew up, when I was studying and then got job, facing good time and difficult time, these memories were there. Especially during difficult times, I found the peace within only due to the presence of God. I didn’t search for a spiritual teacher yet, but when I saw some, God spoke to me through them. God doesn’t want me to get stuck with anyone, so I was kept moving through different experiences. Sometimes I really felt really hard, but now I could say sandalwood on contact with stone and grounded to paste, it produce sweet smell and we get sandalwood paste which is so cool. Similarly, through all experiences, lord is grinding me. Lord allow even a trace of ego because ego activates the mind and different thoughts cover up the lord in heart. Even though present there always, I forget few seconds or minutes, but within no time, lord bring the focus back to heart through anything.

Few weeks back, my mentor and friend told me I can’t see god, but God is always with me. In the Lingeswar temple and Jaganath temple through the marvelous stone arts, I saw the god. In the devotion filled recitation of people I saw god. In the tears of a praying lady in the crowd in dark, I saw god. In the compassion of priest who fed me tasty temple food, I saw god. In the hearty talk of old priest in Govardhan peedom and presenting me with Krishna’s mayilpeeli and Vimala Devi’s kumkum, I saw lord. I’m praying God in my heart and everything to keep my focus always in god and feel the presence of God in everything every moment.

Always there for you

When the things are shining bright, I am with you

When the things are hidden by dark, I am with you

I may not talk to you daily

I may not walk near you daily

In all the contrasts

In all the options around

I am there for you

Whether you recognize or not

Always I am there for you

– Loving Lord


Butterfly :)


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My dear you are not the butterfly caged in my heart nor me in your heart….

We are as free as we really are….

Love thus flows always and always and always 🙂



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I’m the empress do you know why
I’m the soul and not the body which you see
I’m not the sleep, wake or dream
I’m the one who lies beyond the three
I own nothing yet everything owns me
I’m not the woman, man, eunuch or transgender
I’m not the body composed of five elements
I’m the energy in everything
I’m the life in an ant and a giant
I’m the power in cat and computer
I’m the rest hidden in all movements
I’m the spark covered by ashes
I’m the empress coz I don’t own anything
I’m the empress coz I’m everything
If you search me, you can find me for sure –
For I’m the soul in you
As you find you, you find me
There’s no you, there’s no me
There’s only the empress 🙂


DIY Refreshing Dry Shampoo


Caught with sore throat and ear infection with cough, I wasn’t able to wash my hair. For a daily bather like me, it’s hard to stay away from water. Doctor strictly told me not to wash the hair as it worsen my ear infection and cough. With ears blocked and not able to hear well or talk well, I roamed around in home. Idea bulb blinked 😋😋😇 Dry Shampoo..hey hey I got it.

I took:

A bowl

A makeup brush

Johnson and Johnson baby powder

Cinnamon powder

Peppermint essential oil

Lavender essential oil

A comb

I put some powder in the bowl. Then put some cinnamon powder to it. Sprinkled few drops of peppermint essential oil and lavender essential oil. Mixed them well with fingers. Yipee my refreshing dry shampoo is ready. I parted my hair and applied it on scalp. The cooling peppermint mint soothed my scalp. I kept it on scalp for 10 minutes. I combed the hair with fingers and comb slowly and used a towel too to shake the dry shampoo off my scalp.

My scalp is fresh, hair is soft and clean. I challenged the unclean hair days with refreshing DIY dry shampoo 😇😇😇

You too give a try and see how it works for you

Thanks for reading 😄

Blessings Always

My lord oh my love

You now blessed me –

In the form of illness

You’re the pain

You’re the discomforts

You’re the tiredness

You’re the doctor

You’re the medicine

You’re the cure and healing

Each element of this body is you

When I’m of the lord

I can rest in your palms my lord