In the sky or in earth,
In the sky or in water,
In the sky or in air,
In the sky or in fire –
You’re in my heart lord
You’re the light through which I see
You’re the sound through which I hear
You’re the voice through which I speak
You’re the air through which I breathe
You’re the fire through which I digest
You’re the energy through which I move
Whatever I encounter, it’s all you
Without you, there’s no I
I’m never ever separate from you my lord 😊



Like the Sudhama, I forgot everything when I saw you my lord, but you dearly arranged me everything. When you’re the universe and the life in me, I’ve no enough words to praise the love and care you are showering upon me. What shall I say when you speak with me beyond the languages which the hearts speak. May I always and always feel you in everything my lord 😊