Piece of Chocolate

Under the full moon, I enjoyed a piece of chocolate

Asked the moon and stars to take a bite

They said in breezy voice you enjoy it dear

I enjoyed it and danced and smiled in joy

They too smiled and danced in joy with me

We are all bright, we are all light, we are all one in bliss 😊

Just a thought wave

Feels the waking state as dwaitha where mind is there and activities are controlled through mind and experiencing the world, dream state as vishishtadwaitha where mind still working but there’s no control and having different experiences, deep sleep as adwaitha where there is no mind and enjoying bliss. In meditation, mind dissolves and there’s no one there to categories dwaitha, vishishtadwaitha and adwaitha. I rise, then mind rise and breath is experienced, body is experienced, activities started, coming out of meditation. Living moment by moment, mind dissolving in each deed and feeling bliss, a beautiful wave of silence is here while body is moving, words arising but I’m still now in this moment 😊

Magic Show


Image source: pixabay.com
Each moment pass
Each cloud pass
Each bubble pass
Each wave pass
Each life pass
Can’t make anything
Can’t break anything
Can’t hold anything
Can’t own anything
Can’t keep anything
Sometimes fear
Sometimes tear
Sometimes light
Sometimes dark
Everything just rise up for a moment
Then will pass for sure
It’s all the play of that great magician
Shh…dive into silence within
Just recognize the magician and the tricks
Let’s enjoy the show being in our body
Here and now let’s enjoy the magic show
Without a pricey ticket let’s enjoy


Many a time I wished for a pair of wings,

And now it’s more than a wish

To reach the people out there who needs help

We all are doing our bits

Still there are people to be rescued,

People to be fed and moved to shelters

Nature calmed down in few places-

Giving a small sigh of relief

Still some districts devastated beyond limits

Days and month of work are needed here

Help from all are pairs of wings

With which we build back what we lost

We all stand together and rebuild our state

#KeralaRescue #Keralafloods

SOS – Save Our Source

sos image

SOS is an international usage meaning Save our source. It is used in emergency situations of distress.

Signaling SOS can help many lives when you are trapped somewhere. This international Morse code distress signal is represented as continuous sequence of three dots then three dashes and three dots without letter spacing in between them (· · · – – – · · ·).

In this emergent situation of flood and rescue activities ongoing everywhere in Kerala, you can use, share this with your dear ones how to send SOS message when you were trapped inside a building.

SOS using flashlight:

From torch or even using flashlight of your mobiles, flash 3 short flashes, 3 long flashes, 3 short flashes. Whoever having the torch, mobiles having charge can do it together. If you can go up a building, go up and flash the light. If not, check for any opened window or anything opened towards out and flash the light. This will catch the attention of rescuers.

SOS using clothes:

Move to the top of a building take blue and red clothes wind them on a stick or something and wave it several times. Even from very high altitude blue and red colors are visible and a rescue helicopter/plane can come for your help.

May all be safe. Please share and care.

Dear Compassionate Readers

My dear compassionate readers,

Kerala, our homeland is now affected by heavy rainfall followed by flood and landslides. Many lost their homes. Many lost their dear ones. Dams were filled with high levels of water and shutters were open resulting in heavy flood. Northern part of Kerala is highly affected by this. Red alert is issued in many districts in Kerala. Even though a lot of people are moved to shelters, in some places people are stuck in their homes and couldn’t come out due to heavy flood out. Army, Navy, Airforce, NGOs, common people along with government are helping to rescue these people and providing them food, water, clothes and other needy things and shelter.

I kindly request each of you to do help to our people in the form of money, clothes, food, other needy things.

You can contribute to Kerala chief minister’s distress relief fund:

Name of Donee: CMDRF

Account number : 67319948232

Bank: State Bank of India

Branch: City branch, Thiruvananthapuram

IFSC: SBIN0070028

PAN detail: AAAGD0584M

Mailing address: The Principal Secretary (Finance) Treasurer,

Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund,Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram -1

Any amount you send to this account will be a big help to our people. Even if it is a very small amount, that also counts.

Clothes, medicines, food items, charges, drinking water and all essential goods in good condition you can contribute too.

Please check the following link for more details:


Thank you dear kind people, remember us in your prayers too.

Rain of Joy

Drip drip drip chatter chatter chatter

Cooling the earth and bathing the plants

Sometimes a hum sometimes a roar along with wind

Seeing the water in a pit, I jumped like a frog

Refreshed with cooling water around and

Happily dancing greens nearby

It’s the rain of joy for me



Powerful Water

water am i

Picture source: Pixabay

Hey folks, I can give, sustain and take life

I gave, sustained and now –

upon the order of my lord, taking life

I’m sweet and nice and patient and powerful too

Use me wisely carefully

For once I get angry, I need time to cool down –

Because fire is in me hidden deep

You foolish one you felt you could lock me in dams

I can be locked only in the matted hair of my loving lord

Call upon and surrender to lord

– Lovingly

Water 🙂

Golden Chain of Sattva Guna

Itz comparatively easy to reject that which give us pain

Itz comparatively easy to reject that which disturbs us

But itz hard to give up attachment to deeds which are categorised as pious that are the result of Sattva Guna

That too has to be rejected as same as constant activity or Rajo Guna and lethargy or Thamo Guna

Else Sattva too at some point becomes Rajasic and Thamasic.. Examples: Killing those people who eats cow, killing or raping or assaulting people who are categorised as from another religion or low caste or from another country, showing power to minors and those who are weak, forced marriage and forced motherhood and forced fatherhood and forced religious studies leading to one forcebly become a priest or a nun or a monk…etc…etc…

Morals are for us to live and not to judge or ridicule or hurt someone whoever it maybe.

The same divinity shines in me, you and in all beings. Each of us can experience the eternal bliss if we focus on our inner divine presence and not to judge others and/or forcibly put forth our faith, moral concepts or anything to another even if it is to our own children, spouse, parents, partner, friend or student. We may express our concern and show the path and let they travel their own.

May we always be in peace, happiness and bliss for we are eternally pure, eternally free and eternally blissful 😊