Golden Chain of Sattva Guna

Itz comparatively easy to reject that which give us pain

Itz comparatively easy to reject that which disturbs us

But itz hard to give up attachment to deeds which are categorised as pious that are the result of Sattva Guna

That too has to be rejected as same as constant activity or Rajo Guna and lethargy or Thamo Guna

Else Sattva too at some point becomes Rajasic and Thamasic.. Examples: Killing those people who eats cow, killing or raping or assaulting people who are categorised as from another religion or low caste or from another country, showing power to minors and those who are weak, forced marriage and forced motherhood and forced fatherhood and forced religious studies leading to one forcebly become a priest or a nun or a monk…etc…etc…

Morals are for us to live and not to judge or ridicule or hurt someone whoever it maybe.

The same divinity shines in me, you and in all beings. Each of us can experience the eternal bliss if we focus on our inner divine presence and not to judge others and/or forcibly put forth our faith, moral concepts or anything to another even if it is to our own children, spouse, parents, partner, friend or student. We may express our concern and show the path and let they travel their own.

May we always be in peace, happiness and bliss for we are eternally pure, eternally free and eternally blissful 😊

3 thoughts on “Golden Chain of Sattva Guna

  1. Thank you for these words. It pains me when people use religion and scriptures to inflict violence or impose upon others – ahimsa paramo dharma. Thank you for coming by my blog. I feel BLESSED to read everything you write. Not only our names but i feel our hearts too mirror each other! 🙂

    1. Yes dear, happy to find u too..we are all same in hearts with almighty present in our hearts always 😊 we just need to recognise it and never ever forget it

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