Rain of Joy

Drip drip drip chatter chatter chatter

Cooling the earth and bathing the plants

Sometimes a hum sometimes a roar along with wind

Seeing the water in a pit, I jumped like a frog

Refreshed with cooling water around and

Happily dancing greens nearby

It’s the rain of joy for me



12 thoughts on “Rain of Joy

    1. yeah on the other side it’s not rain of joy, it’s rain of sadness when it filled up the dams and made a lot of destruction around quite unexpectedly 😦

  1. This is so lovely. i thought you would have written it before the current disaster – now it feels we are only seeing rain of tears. May God bless us all and bring safety and solace soon! Thank you. 🙂

    1. At that moment of rain day before yesterday, I went out and I thought it out this way only.. even though there was disaster, it got more stronger from 14th night onwards. At this present moment, due to almighty’s grace, we are safe while our people are suffering. Me and friend going to give food items and other needy things to a collection centre near to us. We are not celebrating Onam this year and wnt be buying anything expensive and save that money to help the suffering people. May nature calm down

      1. It is so inspiring to read what you are doing – it is Grace of the Lord to be able to help also. Feel so blessed to read this. I am sending my little prayers for peace and calm. Thank you.

  2. thank you dear for your prayers..may you be happy, healthy and peaceful wherever you are and may you feel and recognize lord’s presence in your heart 🙂

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