Dear Compassionate Readers

My dear compassionate readers,

Kerala, our homeland is now affected by heavy rainfall followed by flood and landslides. Many lost their homes. Many lost their dear ones. Dams were filled with high levels of water and shutters were open resulting in heavy flood. Northern part of Kerala is highly affected by this. Red alert is issued in many districts in Kerala. Even though a lot of people are moved to shelters, in some places people are stuck in their homes and couldn’t come out due to heavy flood out. Army, Navy, Airforce, NGOs, common people along with government are helping to rescue these people and providing them food, water, clothes and other needy things and shelter.

I kindly request each of you to do help to our people in the form of money, clothes, food, other needy things.

You can contribute to Kerala chief minister’s distress relief fund:

Name of Donee: CMDRF

Account number : 67319948232

Bank: State Bank of India

Branch: City branch, Thiruvananthapuram

IFSC: SBIN0070028

PAN detail: AAAGD0584M

Mailing address: The Principal Secretary (Finance) Treasurer,

Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund,Secretariat, Thiruvananthapuram -1

Any amount you send to this account will be a big help to our people. Even if it is a very small amount, that also counts.

Clothes, medicines, food items, charges, drinking water and all essential goods in good condition you can contribute too.

Please check the following link for more details:

Thank you dear kind people, remember us in your prayers too.

11 thoughts on “Dear Compassionate Readers

  1. Hope everything will be good within few days, everyone is trapped here, places are getting isolated because of no road, rail or any other transport available to go any other place….

    1. take care, everything will be fine soon..hope you are getting needed help out there…we will face this together courageously..praying for all

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