SOS – Save Our Source

sos image

SOS is an international usage meaning Save our source. It is used in emergency situations of distress.

Signaling SOS can help many lives when you are trapped somewhere. This international Morse code distress signal is represented as continuous sequence of three dots then three dashes and three dots without letter spacing in between them (· · · – – – · · ·).

In this emergent situation of flood and rescue activities ongoing everywhere in Kerala, you can use, share this with your dear ones how to send SOS message when you were trapped inside a building.

SOS using flashlight:

From torch or even using flashlight of your mobiles, flash 3 short flashes, 3 long flashes, 3 short flashes. Whoever having the torch, mobiles having charge can do it together. If you can go up a building, go up and flash the light. If not, check for any opened window or anything opened towards out and flash the light. This will catch the attention of rescuers.

SOS using clothes:

Move to the top of a building take blue and red clothes wind them on a stick or something and wave it several times. Even from very high altitude blue and red colors are visible and a rescue helicopter/plane can come for your help.

May all be safe. Please share and care.

13 thoughts on “SOS – Save Our Source

    1. saw in news some people are trapped inside buildings surrounded by flood and not getting help, so i searched this out and wish this might help

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