Human Gender Changes

In my job of transcription with psychiatry and related work mostly I get, over the past one year I had processed cases of gender changes. Now also I worked up on such a case. Surprisingly, the cases were in majority male to female gender change and very few female to male gender change. The emotional turbulence each of these individual faces in the transition phase is really touching the heart. If in a developed country like United States this is the case, when this happens in a third world country or in a country with people having less education and less broad thinking, the pain such individual facing would be unimaginable. These changes are psychological and biochemical happening in body and our environment too have an important impact in such changes. These people too deserve to live a dignified human life like each one of us. We have different colored skin, we have different language to speak, foods we eat are different, our religious and cultural backgrounds are different, but we all are humans with a heart and in that heart lives the almighty. I would like to say to you all if any one of you came across such people, give them support, give them confidence, show them love and care, be gentle to them. It is not their fault to have such changes happening to them. Let us love each other, support each other whenever needed and live and let live.

May we all have a blissful weekend dear all 🙂

In Us Truly


Woman is in us

Man is in us

Good is in us

Bad is in us

Light is in us

Darkness is in us

Beauty is in us

Ugliness is in us

Peace is in us

Violence is in us

Creation is in us

Destruction is in us

Though in varying degrees

Body is just a cover, heart is everything here

Certain times a particular thing dominates beyond the body

No one can judge that domination being right or wrong

It is quite natural to keep the balance

Siva is in us

Shakti is in us

Hari is in us

Hara is in us

Nara is in us

Narayana is in us

When we ourselves see and accept our femininity and masculinity,

and stay in balance it’s beautiful it’s blissful

Even if it is for few minutes or hours that balance is felt,

it’s a blessed moment

It’s the path of freedom which brave only can travel

At any time if fell down, don’t stay there and cry

Stand up and walk straight for it’s our path without any borders-

if we don’t create one or believe one there to stop us

Beware there will be people near you to test your courage

Aware no one could break your courage if you don’t allow

May we all be brave and embrace ourselves and drink the nectar of bliss

For bliss is always the birthright of us and is always within us truly 🙂