Always in the heart lotus


Almighty lives in our heart lotus

Nearer than all the nearest

Dearer than all the dearest

Ruling the world in us every moment

In this body with nine doors to outside

With the mind dragging towards out,

Just try bringing the focus into the heart

Let’s experience the eternal bliss here

Wherever we go whatever we do

In all moments almighty is here

No need to search for lamps and incenses

No need to look for any particular time

No need to think about purity of body

No need to remember any mantra

To do the worship of our lord,

Let’s use the flowers of surrender

Let’s surrender our ego

Let’s surrender our unending desires

Let’s surrender everything we think as ours

Let’s light the lamp of love and faith

May this lamp shine bright forever

And at a graceful moment soon, let’s dissolve completely into our lord

Like the camphor dissolves in fire

Grass is always greener here :P

Like the body needs food, mind too needs and it’s food are thoughts and imaginations. With the internet use, mind was overfed with all junks 😉

Mind played and I followed and mind made me play like monkey and clown. When I slowed down a bit and looked back, I saw what all foolish plays I played following the mind. There are many things to laugh at and wonder at and I said to me “oh my god, is it really me who did it ha ha ha :P” Mind says “yes it is…it is you yourself only who did it, do you wanna try more dearie? it’s all fun”  and I say “no no no, enough enough :P”

Mind always love to feel grass is always greener on other side. It just dragged me few times to peep into many things. I jump without looking forward and most times fall into pits, sometimes it hurts sometimes not, sometimes the pain of fall will be there for days and months, but I’m learning little by little grass is always greener here in myself.

Well, I say now it’s all good, nothing to blame at no one to blame at including me it’s all a part of travelling towards the presence in heart overcoming the thought waves slowly and calmly moment by moment. Heart cares the childish tantrums of mind and I’m resting in peace at this moment at this place sitting stable 🙂


Even though sometimes this journey is joyous, sometimes tiring and unknown of next moment, I look into the depth of my heart and feel the presence of my lord here

With the form beyond all forms subtler than touch I feel your love and gentle touch in my heart and I dissolve in the big wave of peace

There is no beginning there is no end there is no middle, from ageless age, my lord, we dance together hand in hand in the sacred space of heart

Seconds minutes hours days months and years pass, this body may travel through earth, water and sky and do various deeds at your will feeling the eternal presence in heart

Golden Smoothie


During evenings, I take mostly fruits, salads or semi-liquid foods. Today, I tried this golden smoothie and it went well. Light for stomach and tasty too 😊

You need:

1/2 cup thick coconut milk

1 ripe banana (2 if using small ones)

1 small piece turmeric root

1 tablespoon honey

1/2 cup water

Method of preparation:

Cut the banana into small pieces. In a blender, pour the coconut milk followed by adding banana pieces, turmeric root, water and honey. Blend well and drink fresh.

Notes: You may add more honey or if the banana is sweet, you can avoid adding honey. Better to use turmeric root, but can replace it with 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder.

To the lord of my heart

In the heart of this lotus, my lord you are shining always

Even though I live in the mud of various impressions acquired through wordly life, I’m rising above each moment with the light

What else I need when my lord the dearer and dearest always and always shines within this heart

My lord, only wish I have is to feel this presence uninterruptedly and let me very soon dissolve completely in you such that there’s no separate me left




Sun undergoes eclipse and clouds sometimes covers the sun, yet after the eclipse and moving of clouds, sun is visible shining like earlier.

Moon too undergoes eclipse and waxing and waning and also covered by clouds, yet once these are over, moon shines like earlier.

Similarly the mind and body undergo changes even though whatever we try to suspend those changes, yet the soul the real us shines like earlier.

At a certain moment, soul leaves the body. Body composed of five elements get absorbed into those elements and soul merges with the source the almighty. For rarest and lucky ones even while having body soul dissolves into the almighty without any activities left for body to do. Such are the videhamuktas.

Having gotten a human birth is really a luck and the primary and ultimate goal is to realise the self and experience the eternal bliss which is always available within us. Rest all is secondary. Deep sleep, reaching the orgasm, enjoying all different types of joy through body etc. are few moments in which one experience the self, the bliss. In meditation one can experience the bliss clearly. Then one will be able to realise the joy is within the self and all the outside objects including body are just helping one to realise this truth.

Flying Light :)


Are you a piece of Polaris

Just travelled down through the clouds

To enjoy the nature in earth

Blinking and flying softly

In the beautiful starry night

Giving a joyous feast to my eyes

Bringing a smile from my heart

You are so beautiful and gentle dear firefly 🙂

Sky Sea Me

Sky always caught my attention with sun, moon, clouds, clouds, planets and stars small and big with varying brightness and the vastness of the sky.

Sea too caught my attention with its depth and vastness and all the different creatures in it very big from minute, living and non-living things and the mood swings of sea.

Myself caught into my attention with the vast and deep space in heart in which the whole universe is contained and the light through which I see the world, the sky and the sea too.

Please take some Rest


Oh my dear where are you running hither and thither

Earning for living for you and the loved ones

Eyes so dark and black, body tired and painful

Forgetting to breath well, you are still running

You need some rest, please don’t forget it

For rest will help you to be fresh for another day

In the restful sleep, you can feel the bliss

If you don’t rest, you may feel ill in mind and body

My dear, take some rest and get renewed

Have a deep and happy sleep 🙂



I really really wonder when I hear elders saying young people to think of spirituality later in life and not now. More than earlier, now ways are many for young minds to fall prey into (even old mind too fell prey to these :P). I believe when we have a strong base of devotion, we won’t fall and even if we at some point fell, almighty will pick us up. It is the nature of mind to have something to act upon and make thoughts and imaginations about it. We can give the mind nine forms of devotion to act upon:

Shravana – hearing the names, songs or discourses about god

Keerthana – singing or chanting names of god

Smarana – remembering about god

Paadasevana – doing worship in the form of service to mankind seeing all beings as lord; can be the ritualistic worships in spiritual institutions too

Archana – doing ritual worships with flowers or leaves or anything or even with the mind to an idol of god

Vandana – humble prostrations to everything seeing god in everything surrendering the ego

Dasya – serving the god with the mindset of a servant seeing god as the master surrendering the ego

Sakhya – seeing god as the eternal friend and being friendly to every beings seeing god in them

Atmanivedhana – surrendering completely to god, taking complete refugee in god

Maybe elders fear with bhakti, youngers will forget their duties and won’t earn a living. Even with devotion in heart, one can engage very well in worldly duties coming in front still not affected by the worldly matters. This helps to reduce stress, fights, tensions and physical and mental illnesses while doing the duties of one’s life.

Bhakti is sweet to the ones who are in it. Along with knowledge Bhakti will guide us in right paths always. So dear elders don’t fear about spirituality. Having lord as the eternal companion from the early age will help one to be rid of fear of death which is common among people as they age or they travel at night alone or to unknown places alone. When body withers in old age and memory is lost, one may not be able to think of devotion if not practiced earlier in life because mind maybe conditioned to think of worldly matters only by that time. Till when the body can enjoy the world? Body and mind will be thinking of death and fill the mind with terror. When lord is with us and guides us, what is there to fear. Lord’s ways are unlimited, we just need to trust and recognize the presence of lord in our lives, everything will happen very beautifully then.

May we all be able to recognize the presence of lord in our hearts always 🙂