Sky Sea Me

Sky always caught my attention with sun, moon, clouds, clouds, planets and stars small and big with varying brightness and the vastness of the sky.

Sea too caught my attention with its depth and vastness and all the different creatures in it very big from minute, living and non-living things and the mood swings of sea.

Myself caught into my attention with the vast and deep space in heart in which the whole universe is contained and the light through which I see the world, the sky and the sea too.

10 thoughts on “Sky Sea Me

  1. So beautiful and sublime! The sky, the sea and YOU! i love how the entire universe is within you and then you talk of the light with which you see it as well. Thank you….such depth in these simple lines.

  2. Beautiful 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
    You caught my attention with this beautiful poem with brightness and vastness of your heart 🌹

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