Grass is always greener here :P

Like the body needs food, mind too needs and it’s food are thoughts and imaginations. With the internet use, mind was overfed with all junks 😉

Mind played and I followed and mind made me play like monkey and clown. When I slowed down a bit and looked back, I saw what all foolish plays I played following the mind. There are many things to laugh at and wonder at and I said to me “oh my god, is it really me who did it ha ha ha :P” Mind says “yes it is…it is you yourself only who did it, do you wanna try more dearie? it’s all fun”  and I say “no no no, enough enough :P”

Mind always love to feel grass is always greener on other side. It just dragged me few times to peep into many things. I jump without looking forward and most times fall into pits, sometimes it hurts sometimes not, sometimes the pain of fall will be there for days and months, but I’m learning little by little grass is always greener here in myself.

Well, I say now it’s all good, nothing to blame at no one to blame at including me it’s all a part of travelling towards the presence in heart overcoming the thought waves slowly and calmly moment by moment. Heart cares the childish tantrums of mind and I’m resting in peace at this moment at this place sitting stable 🙂

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