Daily Pilgrimage


Photo: Flower of Kasthuri Manjal (Curcuma aromatica) from our terrace garden

Lord the living presence in me,

I’m dissolving in you in deep slumber

Finishing the work for the day,

I’m felling into your hands

In your sweet embrace, I just dissolve

Until a dream touch the mind,

There wasn’t a separate me

Rarely if a dream interrupts,

And I feel a moment of separation

Your soft hand embrace me

And I again merge in you and fall asleep

Before the dawn arrives,

You the ever-shining sun shines within me

And show me the light to wake up

Body moves a little with the mind still in silence

Within few minutes thought waves move,

And I get ready for the day with a smile

Blooming fresh to do the daily chores

Lord in my heart, I love this daily pilgrimage