Sweet is Devotion

My dear, why are you running here and there?

I’m tired with the heat of worldly life

I ran after degrees, career, love, and money

I got some happiness from them for a while

When they left, I again ran and got them

Running and running, I grew tired

Little by little I felt boring running behind something which does not stay forever

I then asked me what I really need

I found it is the bliss I need the most

I’m searching for it in everywhere

I found a little of it here and there, but that too left after a while

Can you tell me where can I get uninterrupted bliss?

Oh my dear, I will tell you

What you are searching is within yourself

It is just waiting for you to recognise it

Really? Is it within me, but why I didn’t feel it yet?

My dear, it is because you were always looking out

Your focus was only outside

Now, just try to silent yourself and focus within

I’m trying, but my mind is noisy with unending thoughts

What should I do to control my mind?

My dear, I will tell you the sweetest and easiest solution

Just recite the lord’s name as much as you can

Mind needs something to hold on to be alive

Let it be the lord’s name

As you recite the divine names, thoughts will vanish

Mind will then merge with the heart

What will then happen, please tell me?

My dear, you will then enjoy the bliss

Sweet is devotion and you will never get tired in devotion

Just try and experience it yourself 😊

Giant wheel


In the giant wheel drive of life and death,

Watching it simply seems good,

But when entering the wheel,

Feels multitude of emotions

Especially when it reaches much above earth.

The brave ones enjoy the sights down

Weak minds feel not to have entered it by paying money

Strong ones feel to face it as it is until it stops the circling

Wise one observes from outside and seeing different attitudes of people in it,

Learn and choose to enter it or not,

If entered, would know how to face it well

Not in hurry to step into something mindlessly,

Taking time and observing what happens within us and around,

Gives us chance to learn and choose

When we observe, learn and choose, each moment is magnificent

For all is filled with the grace of lord

We can feel it when we live moment by moment


Identifying with my lord, I’m in bliss

Identifying with the mind, I’m unstable

Identifying with the body, I have needs though less

Identifying with the world, I’m in invisible bonds of society

Identifying with the imaginations, I fly like a free kite

Tired of all identifications, I called upon my lord

The heart identified with the lord

A gentle breeze of peace I felt

When the dearest lord is here and guides, everything is in right place 😊

Joyful Time With Lord

Special is the time spent thinking of lord

May it be spent by reciting the name or reading about the glories of lord

May it be spent by listening to the chanting of lord’s name by the heart

May it be spent by singing the song of lord for plants and insects,

May it be spent by talking about lord to old parents and friends

Thinking the lord in them hears this and let they too enjoy the bliss

May it be spent by writing of lord through the lord driven words

Even while doing the works of daily life, lord’s rememberance makes it beautiful

It’s the strong ship to travel through the vast ocean of life

It leads to the eternal abode of lord in our hearts

There we enjoy infinite nectar of peace and joy


Enjoying Blankness :)

images (2)

It’s all blank around

Where to start

Where to go

I have no idea

There is no darkness

There is only light

Light so bright that, I see the blankness 🙂

At this moment, my option is to enjoy this blankness

Let the light lead

Let the light fill

If the light decides to keep the blankness, let it be

And may I dissolve in this light

Like the camphor melts in fire spreading soulful fragrance,

Let me melt in this light losing the separate identity from it 🙂


Powerful Magnet


I didn’t remember when it happened

Once upon a time, I found a powerful magnet in my heart

Curious me once only looked at it,

It attracted me with great force

Whatever I come into contact,

I feel it’s presence

Whenever I feel attachment to the form,

It plays trick on me and won’t allow me to get attached to any forms

When I forget it even for a moment,

I will fall in it’s unending tricks

I feel teary weary as it plays in unimaginable ways

Yet I’m happy in it as it’s my lord 😊

Nearer than nearest and dearer than dearest 😊

Without beginning nor end is our eternal relation

As I recognised this strong bond,

It reduced my wishes and desires

Everything is lord’s including me,

Whatever little wishes left, it’s lord’s, not mine

May the lord satisfy it through divine ways

And may I be in the strong magnetic field

Where I rest in peace always 😊


Connected through Narayana

Dear bloggers,

We have never met each other or know each other other than from our blogs, yet at this moment I felt a connection with each one of you. It just came up all of a sudden as I was thinking of Ramanuja Acharya and the maha mantra “om namo narayanaya.”  The meaning of this mantra is “bowing to the divinity in all.” I recited om namo narayanaya few times thinking of Narayana in all beings. May the dear lord give us the pure clear vision to see the lord in all beings. I don’t know what will be my thoughts after few minutes. At this moment, I feel we are all connected and we are all same deep within. Om namo narayanaya dear all. Happy to share this moment. Om namo narayanaya 😊🙏

My Light and Life

Most of the things I asked for,

My lord you gave me

As time passed,

Those things disappeared one by one

You taught me their temporary nature

Yet, again I asked and again I got,

And again I lost, but now ready to learn

I found you were in my heart all the time

Whatever gained or lost, my lord never left me

Drew myself to look upon the eternal

Tired in the game of win and loss,

I listened to the voice of my heart

Heard and felt my loving lord

Whose realty is eternal and love is unlimited

In this moment, I’m disappearing

I may appear again in your light

Till I disappear in your grace

Let me continue learning my lord

You are my light and life





Shower of Grace


I stepped into the road

Full of water, dark except lightening

Silent except thunderstorm

I called upon my lord in heart

In om namah shivaya chant,

Fear disappeared and I walked forward

My lord, I got under your illusion and thought,

Bhagavan what should I do now?

Knowing me more than my little self,

My lord then take upon my complete care

Fears and doubts vanished soon

Just remembrance of my lord is what I need

And it will surely show ways to move

Thus I walked over obstacles smoothly

Thanks for this moment my lord

It strengthened my bond with you

I bathed joyfully in Shower of Grace