My Light and Life

Most of the things I asked for,

My lord you gave me

As time passed,

Those things disappeared one by one

You taught me their temporary nature

Yet, again I asked and again I got,

And again I lost, but now ready to learn

I found you were in my heart all the time

Whatever gained or lost, my lord never left me

Drew myself to look upon the eternal

Tired in the game of win and loss,

I listened to the voice of my heart

Heard and felt my loving lord

Whose realty is eternal and love is unlimited

In this moment, I’m disappearing

I may appear again in your light

Till I disappear in your grace

Let me continue learning my lord

You are my light and life





13 thoughts on “My Light and Life

  1. How beautifully you penned your eternal love for god…a beautiful poem😊❀

    1. Thank you dear 😊 Jai Radhe Krishna πŸ™ we are instruments in bhagavan’s hands. Everything is bhagavan’s. Everything is bhagavan 😊

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