Powerful Magnet


I didn’t remember when it happened

Once upon a time, I found a powerful magnet in my heart

Curious me once only looked at it,

It attracted me with great force

Whatever I come into contact,

I feel it’s presence

Whenever I feel attachment to the form,

It plays trick on me and won’t allow me to get attached to any forms

When I forget it even for a moment,

I will fall in it’s unending tricks

I feel teary weary as it plays in unimaginable ways

Yet I’m happy in it as it’s my lord 😊

Nearer than nearest and dearer than dearest 😊

Without beginning nor end is our eternal relation

As I recognised this strong bond,

It reduced my wishes and desires

Everything is lord’s including me,

Whatever little wishes left, it’s lord’s, not mine

May the lord satisfy it through divine ways

And may I be in the strong magnetic field

Where I rest in peace always 😊


10 thoughts on “Powerful Magnet

  1. My heart is filled with light reading your words. Thank you for sharing these secrets of your heart – makes me feel so happy, hopeful and full of love and inspiration. The picture is awesome!!! Like the tree from Chap 15, BG. πŸ™‚ with much love and gratitude πŸ™‚

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