Sweet is Devotion

My dear, why are you running here and there?

I’m tired with the heat of worldly life

I ran after degrees, career, love, and money

I got some happiness from them for a while

When they left, I again ran and got them

Running and running, I grew tired

Little by little I felt boring running behind something which does not stay forever

I then asked me what I really need

I found it is the bliss I need the most

I’m searching for it in everywhere

I found a little of it here and there, but that too left after a while

Can you tell me where can I get uninterrupted bliss?

Oh my dear, I will tell you

What you are searching is within yourself

It is just waiting for you to recognise it

Really? Is it within me, but why I didn’t feel it yet?

My dear, it is because you were always looking out

Your focus was only outside

Now, just try to silent yourself and focus within

I’m trying, but my mind is noisy with unending thoughts

What should I do to control my mind?

My dear, I will tell you the sweetest and easiest solution

Just recite the lord’s name as much as you can

Mind needs something to hold on to be alive

Let it be the lord’s name

As you recite the divine names, thoughts will vanish

Mind will then merge with the heart

What will then happen, please tell me?

My dear, you will then enjoy the bliss

Sweet is devotion and you will never get tired in devotion

Just try and experience it yourself 😊

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