Stepping into New Year

Let this year end beautifully for you

for me, for us

Let us breathe out all the events happened so far

And make space for the new to fill

May the air of purity, freedom and bliss be breathed in

May each moments of us be shining with bliss

Let us shine ourselves and pass on the light

From hearts to hearts let us shine together dear ones

Let us all shine and let the universe shine through us

Taught by Mirror

Image source: Google images

Saw you at the temple dear mirror

Like the dieties there, you too were kept in a room

Seeing all diety out and within me,

Circumbulating each diety, I came in front of you

As I looked you, I saw myself in your heart

Like my beloved lord is in my heart,

I too am in the heart of dearest lord

When the mirror is free from all dust,

Image is seen clear

Mirror is impartial and do not hold anything

It just accepts what comes in front at the moment

As our mind is free of all thoughts, we can feel the lord in heart

It’s the different chain of thoughts obscure the lord in us

Dive deep in silence and let all thoughts vanish

Let us be impartial and treat everyone as we treat ourselves

Like the mirror, let us work on what comes in front at any particular moment

Let us not hold thoughts of past nor anxieties of future

Let us, like the mirror, reflect what comes in front

Like the mirror, let us all shine bright and fine

Note: Inspired by the “Mirror” at Suchindram temple, Tamil nadu.

From Heart To Paper

A trial work of mindfulness through pencil drawing. Just with paper and pencil, I allowed the hand to draw what it comes from heart. I didn’t find an eraser, so thought let me follow my heart now and draw as it is without any botheration. It was a beautiful meditation where the mind dissolved in heart for the art to happen 😊🌌

Nature’s own Railway Station

Soothing view of hills on a sunny noon
First time I was in a railway station where only one platform is there without any announcements. Yes, this is the divine natural beautiful view from Nagercoil Town railway station. Many things like refreshments, high and normal platform, toilet, waiting room are absent here. Three roofs with benches there and with friendly people there, it was really a fun time. Friendly old aunties and surprised first time visiting travellers at this station along with the soothing divine views cooled me down from the fiercely smiling Sunday Sun 😊🌞🌞🌞
Enjoyed the blissful orchestra by clouds, mountain, greens and JCB 😄
Oh divine beauty of Tamil nadu
I’m saying you farewell
Hoping to meet you again
Hearty thanks to fill me with bliss

Flowers Are Available

To worship our lord,

Just look into the heart

Let the love for our dearest lord be the first flower

Next be the thought we have at the moment

Let our wishes be the flowers for worship

Whatever we feel, let it all be flowers of worship

Wherever we are, we can thus worship our lord

With whatever we have, we can thus worship our lord

Lullaby of Soul

Calm down my dear heart

Calm down my dear mind

It’s now the time to join the lord

Soul is singing sweet lullaby

Plants, birds, butterflies and animals-

Have dissolved in divine hearing the

Lullaby so sweet and relaxing

Take a breathe and listen within

Soul is singing for us to join the lord 😊

Dance of Ego

Identifying with everything coming through the five senses, ego is dancing

Mind is watching, supporting and enjoying the dance show

Poor body, what can it do on its own?

It just follows the mind and ego and grew tired

Mind too got tired after centuries and centuries of active thoughts

Ego is empowering the mind for it is alive only when mind is active

Ego just dissolves along with mind certain times, but rises again and dance

I in blessed few moments stand apart and watches the show

May the king of dance gracefully dance on the hoods of ego and mind

Let the ego die, let the mind die and kingdom of peace be established

Like a Feather

Image source: iStock

Breathing deeply, I dived into the heart

Words split into letters

Letters changed to vibrations

Breath faded slowly and I felt light

Not knowing directions yet

Like a feather so light,

I am traveling lead by grace alone