Nature’s own Railway Station

Soothing view of hills on a sunny noon
First time I was in a railway station where only one platform is there without any announcements. Yes, this is the divine natural beautiful view from Nagercoil Town railway station. Many things like refreshments, high and normal platform, toilet, waiting room are absent here. Three roofs with benches there and with friendly people there, it was really a fun time. Friendly old aunties and surprised first time visiting travellers at this station along with the soothing divine views cooled me down from the fiercely smiling Sunday Sun 😊🌞🌞🌞
Enjoyed the blissful orchestra by clouds, mountain, greens and JCB πŸ˜„
Oh divine beauty of Tamil nadu
I’m saying you farewell
Hoping to meet you again
Hearty thanks to fill me with bliss

7 thoughts on “Nature’s own Railway Station

  1. Nice write-up
    Liked it ….& I can feel it through reading it – that blissful orchestra by clouds, mountain, greens
    & Also found that JCB too😜
    Enjoyed reading a lot
    Penned well !!!
    Thanks for giving a view of nagercoil railway station
    Liked your caption also – nature’s own railway station πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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