Taught by Mirror

Image source: Google images

Saw you at the temple dear mirror

Like the dieties there, you too were kept in a room

Seeing all diety out and within me,

Circumbulating each diety, I came in front of you

As I looked you, I saw myself in your heart

Like my beloved lord is in my heart,

I too am in the heart of dearest lord

When the mirror is free from all dust,

Image is seen clear

Mirror is impartial and do not hold anything

It just accepts what comes in front at the moment

As our mind is free of all thoughts, we can feel the lord in heart

It’s the different chain of thoughts obscure the lord in us

Dive deep in silence and let all thoughts vanish

Let us be impartial and treat everyone as we treat ourselves

Like the mirror, let us work on what comes in front at any particular moment

Let us not hold thoughts of past nor anxieties of future

Let us, like the mirror, reflect what comes in front

Like the mirror, let us all shine bright and fine

Note: Inspired by the “Mirror” at Suchindram temple, Tamil nadu.

17 thoughts on “Taught by Mirror

  1. Such a mesmerizing experience reading your blog, so spiritual and powerful words written beautifully, dear Krishna. Thank you for doing this.

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